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I am not a musician but I always liked Metal and particularly the guitar. Before I built this guitar, I knew nothing about guitars.
A couple of months ago my brother in law who is a musician who also built a few guitars had the Explorer guitar, I immediately fell in love with it and decided to build one but more "aggressive", more Metally... :rock

This is my first build, My brother in law helped me understand the measurements, the electronics, the ergonomics, and off I went to draw it. A few weeks later, Adrenaline was completed !

Body: Basswood

Neck : Not sure, he (see above) gave me one that he had laying around.

Scale: 25.5"

Pickups: RedActive (active pickups)

Electronics: Simple 3 way switch, tone, volume

Finish: Auto spray paint - Sparkly black and spray clear coat   

I never owned a guitar but always wanted to learn how to play one, so I basically built this one so that I can start learning...

I don't really have much experience with woodworking but I do know the basics and consider myself to be very handy with tools and have plenty of tools. This has been a wonderful experience. I learned so much about guitars from building it...

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