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  • Guitar Of The Month - April 2021

      Carbon 01

      This is my sixth build and its a custom of sorts for a friend of mine. It breaks from tradition in a number of ways.  Firstly the neck is solid carbon fibre laminate from panels that I had just hanging around in the house. Of course the rigidity of the material means no truss rod. Also there is no fretboard radius; this was a conscious decision based on the fact that the neck is totally straight.  

      • Carbon fibre laminate neck
      • Superglue finish
      • Design - Bolt on (actual bolts, not screws...these were needed on account of the carbon fibre.
      • Scale length - 25.
      • Woods used- Poplar Burl top and English Sycamore neck. Striped Ebony fretboard
      • Inlays - gold leaf with epoxy
      • Pickups - EMG 57/66
      • Locking Vanson Tuners
      • Wilkinson Tele bridge








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      Fact first - this guitar is excellent work planned and complete. Superior in all way but one only to any of which I build opinion next - believe more winding and careful string anchor at machine head should assist to maintain correct pitch when guitar have not locking nut. Strong victory unit.

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