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  • Guitar Of The Month - December 2015

    @komodo The Dragon

    This build was one I did for myself, with every detail being what I would pick on my uber guitar (which is what the build thread was titled). The initial build was mothballed after I had too many builds going at once. When I picked it back up again, I went full steam for three months, doing several new techniques that was a big learning opportunity.  



    • 25" scale length
    • Gaboon ebony fretboard with dragon inlay using white and gold mother of pearl
    • Rosewood neck of unknown variety-best educated guess is Panama (Yucatan) rosewood
    • Ebony faceplate
    • Sperzel open back tuners
    • Black buffalo horn nut


    • Swamp ash capped with 5A quilted maple front and back
    • Full cream binding
    • Alcohol-based dyes and nitrocellulose clear


    • Seymour Duncan Custom Shop
      • Bridge: SH-5 custom 8 (Alnico 8)
      • Neck: Seymour Duncan Jazz
    • Simple one volume, one tone  with a .022 Sprague orange drop cap for the tone
    • Three way switch B/BN/N



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