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  • Guitar Of The Month - December 2021


    I would like to present what I feared, when I started out with this project, would be my 'Nemesis'.

    "Could you build me a tribute to Trini Lopez's Deluxe 335-style guitar?" Jack asked.  "Yes, probably!" was my answer.  "In ebony." Jack continued.  "Ebony?  Ebony?? EBONY???"

    I think you can see why I thought I may well be meeting my nemesis...

    In terms of my background: this is a hobby for me; first mods around 11 years ago; first build around 10 years ago; since then I've built basses, guitars, acoustics - some for me, some for fellow band members, some commissioned builds."

    Started this around 6 months ago.  Spec is:

    - Trini Lopez Deluxe styling

    - 24.75" scale

    - ES335 dimensions

    - Ebony top; ebony fingerboard; walnut back and sides; mahogany/maple/walnut neck

    - Mojo Wide range humbuckers

    - Maestro vibrator and tonerider roller bridge

    - Tru-oil slurry and buff finish (back sides and neck); micro-mesh sanding and buffing then food grade mineral oil (ebony top & fretboard)

    - 8lbs 5oz playing weight

    There's a full build thread here:

    And here are a few photos:







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