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  • Guitar Of The Month - February 2015

    @verhoevenc, "Model 2"

    "Here's my latest. She's been a long time coming and is the prototype of one of the two shapes I've started my company using. It was called the "Meeting" shape when this whole thing started, but now I'm endearingly referring to her as "Model 2" from here forward. However, as you'll see, this version is short-scale while the production models are long-scale. It's actually a 25.5" fretboard with the first fret removed which makes it 24-1/16" scale. I'd really like to get my hands on an original Jaguar because knowing how Leo thought...I bet they're actually 24-1/16" too!

    "Some of you may recognize her from my 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ywhj0hg8WI' YouTube how-to video.


    • Quilted birdseye maple 24" scale fretboard with abalone dots on a plain maple neck
    • 1-11/16" nut width
    • Paisley fabric and Karelian birch burl headstock veneers
    • 2-way LMI truss rod with carbon fiber reinforcement


    • Super light-weight paulownia wood in a 13.5" lower bout
    • Blue paisley fabric finish with blue bursted edges. Fabric even folds into the belly and arm bevel carves
    • Pearloid and custom made chromed steel pickguard elements

    Hardware and Finish:

    • USA Jaguar bridge (2-1/16" spacing), tremolo, mute, and standard controls
    • Personally wound Jaguar-style pickups to vintage specs
    • Hipshot open-back locking tuners
    • Nitro gloss finish


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