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    The Root Beer Float

    "OK, its a stupid name, but I don't have a better one yet and my band mate threw that name out as soon as I brought it to rehearsal 2 weeks ago. The colors do have that vibe, especially in lower light settings. In brighter light (like most of these pix) its more orange looking.


    Model: 22 Magnum

    • Scale length: 25"
    • Radius: 12"
    • Construction: neck-through-body, 3-piece laminate neck, carbon fiber reinforcement
    • Body and neck: Bolivian  mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)
    • Top and matching headstock: book-matched, quilted big leaf maple
    • Binding: natural (faux binding)
    • Fretboard: Brazilian Rosewood
    • Truss rod cover: ebony with MOP inlay logo
    • Inlays: mother-of-pearl and abalone
    • Frets: medium jumbo stainless steel
    • Nut: unbleached bone
    • Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB bridge and 59 neck
    • Tuners: Schaller locking 3x3
    • Bridge and tailpiece: Tonepros
    • Control cavity cover: Indian Rosewood with magnetic fasteners
    • Finish: Nitrocellulose lacquer
    • Guts: CTS 500k pots and Sprague "orange drop" .047 cap


    HERE is the build thread










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    • 10

    What an exceptional looking guitar! The detail work on the neck is excellent! Every time I look at it I see something new. The neck joint (or lack thereof) really keeps the lines on the back of the guitar very smooth flowing. I can only imagine how smooth it must play. 

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    Gil's Guitar Repair

    • 10

    Incredible job.  Superb craftsmanship. Exceptional photographs. I appreciate the step by step description of every step taken to create such a masterpiece!

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    Crazy white boy

    • 8

    I really thought that the colors of the face of the body were so deep and offsetting to each other it almost looked like water but Brown. And it looks so light and thin. Looks like something that would sound great and you'd be able to Gig because of the weight. Very handsome piece

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