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  • Guitar Of The Month - January 2013

    @verhoevenc - "OMarlin"

    "...my interpretation of my Marlin electric shape, as an acoustic. A couple things about the build, it's sort of a middle finger to traditionalists. Shape, construction, color; all flying in their faces. And I love it. It turned out great. It's my favorite acoustic (and maybe even guitar) I've ever built, and I don't usually say that about each new guitar. Although it's loud enough to keep up with my OM I built (which it's general size and bracing were based on), and my voice, it is quite a bit smaller than an OM for one simple reason: the smaller upper bout width. However, like I said, even with this air-volume reduction it's matching the sound-volume of the standard OM.

    It's set up to play like an electric in terms of almost every aspect, and it does. String spacings, action settings, neck joint style, etc. One key aspect of the neck joint is the usage of the Myka All-Access acoustic heel. It really is a dream to be able to play up that high with no hand issues on an acoustic."


    • Black Limba back and sides
    • Lutz Spruce top
    • Light scalloped X bracing pattern
    • Black and white Ebony rosette with BWB purfling
    • Dyed deep blue curly Maple binding with BWB binding
    • Blue burst with nitrocellulose lacquer finish


    • Curly soft Maple with Ebony fingerboard
    • LMI double-acting truss rod
    • 1/4" carbon fibre runners with buttressed neck joint
    • Ebony headplate and backstrap
    • Abalone and MOP inlays and side markers


    • Gotoh Sta-tite tuners
    • Unbleached buffalo bone nut and saddle
    • Black and white Ebony bridge


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