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  • Guitar Of The Month - January 2023

    The Zenith

    This is The Zenith. A semi-hollow whose design I based on my acoustic guitar bodied mandola that I built awhile back. 

    The body and neck are flamed maple and black walnut. The fretboard, headplate/backstrap, and knobs are wenge. The finish is Original Tried & True Oil. Scale length is 24.75". It has Golden Age overwound humbuckers, a Hipshot Baby Grand bridge, and Planet Waves locking tuners. 

    Here is a link to the build thread: Zenith Guitar



    - - - o o o O O O o o o - - -

    Mum's Uke

    This is Mum's uke. 

    I decided a long while back that I would like to make my parents ukuleles as they have both got into their playing in recent years. 

    It's also become a bit of a thank you and welcome present after my folks decided to sell up their house in the north east if Australia and move to the southwest to be closer to me, my wife and their now 3 year old grandson. 


    The specs:

    Soprano size

    All Australian timbers throughout; 

    Tiger myrtle back, myrtle sides, both laminated onto bunya pine cores. Bunya pine soundboard. Qld maple neck with tasmanian blackwood accent strip, and qld maple and dyed black maple binding. Mulga fretboard, rosette and bridge. Qld maple blocks and braces. 

    Passive, peizo pickup (the discs on the underside of the soundboard type) 

    This has been my first acoustic instrument build and I've learned heaps. Dad's one should follow later in the year. 

    Unfortunately I don't have any particularly brilliant photos of it just yet, I finished it 12 hours before handing it over. 

    The note to mum is on the inside of the back, so is visible through the sound hole. 

    Mum absolutely loves it. It plays easily and had a lovely, mellow sound. 










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