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  • Guitar Of The Month - May 2024

    Short Stuff

    So, I was looking at the Maurizio Miezo travel basses, and also the Mayones Cali basses, but there were things on both I did not like, so I decided to roll my own :D

    21" scale length, 5-string

    5 piece through neck (maple, Indian rosewood and mahogany), ebony fretboard, mahogany body with a pau ferro top, and birdseye maple back. Headstock has madrone burl veneer front and back.

    Schaller rollerbridge, including the spacer underneath

    Schack humbucking pickup, my own clone of a Stingray 2eq preamp (the switch is a coil tap for the pickup)



    Here it is with the biggest bass in the collection :)


    Rear, bought some maple at a woodworking show, and that turned out to have quite nice birdseye grain.

    Also, I recently bought an old Inca bandsaw (50 euros! :) ) so I did all the resawing myself, a really helpful tool in guitarbuilding.



    I have since fitted Kluson "Mini Bass" tuners I came across by chance, and those really are a better fit. The Gotoh's I had on there earlier are quite large on the tiny headstock.


    Quite happy with this instrument. Finding out string gauges and tuning was a bit of a process. I tried tuning it to regular bass tuning (well regular for me at least, I tune my 5-strings EADGC), but that did not work with a few string sets. Ended up tuning it EADGC, but an octave up (as the Mayones Cali basses are).

    Hurried the finishing process, because I was keen to hear it, So a refinish is on the horizon, but as it is a travel bass, and possibly gets knocked around, not that critical.

    (and also, working on some other instruments :D )

    I have also devised a guiding jig to cut the fret slots


    A laser cutter is also a really helpful tool.

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