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  • Guitar Of The Month - November 2016

    "Hi first of all i apologise as the pics are taken on my phone as I don't have a good digital camera.

    This is my first ever build and i set out to make my ideal guitar and did it as a one to one course in Manchester England with Phillip Porter guitars and had a great time doing it so i am sure i will have another guitar to enter in the near future !!!

    It was designed completely for my preference and as a bit of background I love the sound of semi hollow guitars and offset styles, single coil pickups, i also love the feel of Strats but there were always things I don't like about off the shelf guitars some of which are the access to the upper frets, neck profiles etc. (I love a thin neck profile but i have found most vintage style guitars have quite thick necks) and I like very light guitars, i wanted something individual but that has a sort of vintage vibe to it. and I always wanted my signature on the top of a guitar.

    I have found this to be a love or hate guitar when i have shown it to people but for me it is perfect. I hope you guys love it too!


    Body wood : swamp ash
    Top wood : flame maple
    Neck wood : flame maple
    Fretboard : ebony
    Inlays: abalone
    Control cavity cover : copper backed flamed maple (from the neck offcuts)

    The body is 2" thick in total. Hollowed out and carved on the top and back of the body to allow easy access to the frets, a back cut out, arm rest, angles on the top and sunk in volume and tone controls  this was definitely the trickiest part of the build.maintaining a 10mm thickness on the back and 6mm on the top but it gives it a wonderful sound. I have included pictures off this on my build blog which I will finish shortly if anyone is interested.

    The neck is a thin C shaped profile, scale length is 25.5" and it has 24 frets at its longest point and 20 on the low E due to the s shape that is on the end of the fretboard and is continued through the guitar on the body and headstock to give it the very unusual offset look.

    the tuning keys are Schaller Da Vincis and the bridge is Schaller 3D-6 top loading bridge. The paint is a very strong blood orange colour mixed in with the lacquer whilst spraying the cap also the cap was stained with black dye and sanded black it is also slightly burst with black by airbrush to give the appearance of a binding using the cap wood. It was all done using AC lacquer. The pickups are underwound p90s that i wound myself, you might have noticed there is no pickup selector, i always play with a blend of pickups and preferred the look without the selector switch.

    Hope you guys like it as much as me!!! :)



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