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  1. its been an awful long time since I was on here and I have no idea why! for the last six months I've been working on this guitar. most of which was taken up by cutting out the tiny flowers - all 1300+ of them! I did this kind of thing before on an old shape and wanted to try it again, but make it better this time. today I carved the neck and all that's left is sanding and finishing pretty much. so anyway, some pictures. the front is carved (obviously) and the back is slightly curved from side to side - here with the branches on the top and laid out on the back heres the hea
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  2. I tried to drill the centre hole, or rather expand the centre hole that was already there from gluing them up (I used a toothpick to hold them in place), but for whatever reason it drilled off centre, so I had to Dremel it instead. I pushed a dowel in there to give me something to hold onto, clamped the Dremel with a little sanding drum in a bench, and started shaping. so heres the first one roughly shaped.
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