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Dig into our reviews of anything and everything around your instrument. Looking for a new bridge? Maybe a new pickup switching option....? Or are you simply looking for some inspiration?

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  1. Hipshot Ibby HM hardtail bridge

    I'm a big fan of heavy high-mass bridges, so we just had to get this recent addition to the Hipshot lineup in for review! The Ibby HM bridge is generally intended to serve as an upgrade retrofit for Ibanez guitars equipped with Gibraltar I and II bridges, however the bridges are solid chunks of brass goodness that work equally-well on custom designs that benefit from putting mass where it counts.

    • Prostheta
    • By Carl Maltby
  2. Free-Way 6 Position Toggle Switches

    How do you expand the tonal possibilities of a traditional three-position toggle switch without resorting to fitting extra mini toggles and push-pull pots to your instrument? The Free-Way switch has the answer!

  3. Hipshot Tone-A-Matic Guitar Bridge/Stoptail

    Bridges styled around the original Gibson two-piece bridge setup are fairly common sight, and rarely deviate from the established norm. New to the market is the very attractive Tone-A-Matic system from Hipshot. What does this new design bring to the table, and how much magic have Hipshot dropped in this time around?

    • Prostheta
    • By Carl Maltby
  4. ABM 2500 series Tune-O-Matic and 3020 stoptail

    ABM produces what is possibly the broadest range of premium-quality Tune-O-Matic bridges and stop tailpieces in their product lineup. What makes their versions of this classic bridge combination head and shoulders above the rest?

  5. ABM 5400 Katana tremolo system

    A recent introduction to the ABM catalogue is their new KATANA tremolo system. Milled from solid brass, this mighty OFR-compatible bridge offers several improvements over the existing tried and tested design....

  6. Wilkinson WJ01GD guitar tuners - long term review

    Five years ago I built my first 7-string guitar and installed affordable E-Z-Lock Wilkinson tuners; with the benefit of hindsight would I still fit these tuners?

  7. Hipshot SuperTone retrofit bass bridge

    The Hipshot SuperTone bass bridges retrofit both pre-1973 two-point and subsequent three-point bridges. So what new has been brought to the original 40yr-old Gibson designs?

  8. Hipshot D Style bass bridge system

    Have been in the business of making superb instrument hardware for almost thirty years, the Hipshot name is synonymous with refinement, high quality and experience. One of the more recent products in their line-up is this classy bass bridge system which commingles comprehensive adjustability, distinctive looks and solidity....

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