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  1. Meh it happens! It was more of a boredom build then anything, I was bored, the torches and welder was there sharing at me, going plaaaaay with meeeeee. For what I have invested, I could flip it for over 3 times what i got into it and be laughin, so we will see, I am still looking for an old shovel head
  2. The ground is bad on the input of the amp.
  3. Started off as a TX 500 frame, I cut the rear end off, built the hard tail with a 3 inch stretch and a 2 inch drop. Installed the 8 inch over front end. Got a bare xs 650 block that I installed new. 50 over high compression pistons, web cams camshaft with high lift lobes, titanium valves and heavy duty springs and retainers. At this point I am waiting on new seat, springs, key switch and rear fender.
  4. Nice bike Wes, I am in the middle of building another chopper. Yes its a good thing I am young because that hard tail sucks a big old weiner
  5. This is my cat repellent Oh ya, he is only 3 months old there, hes 6 months old now and almost 60 pounds....
  6. Looks good, I love the carve and I actually like the look of the fretboard, its almost like, it flows with the body. Plus, later on down the road, when you get more practice in, you can add a nice inlay pattern to it if you wanted Curtis
  7. On my newest guitar, a Les Paul copy from the 80's, I changed pickups, tuners, bridge and tail peice and knobs, I am also working on wiring a "varitone" in place were the neck and bridge selector is and having one knob become the bridge and pickup selector Curtis
  8. why not a fabric top? There was a tutorial on the main page, it has been done on here by one or 2 people, it can look very unique as well, also lets you open up a whole range of woods to use for the body to give you different tones. For example, You can use your snake skin for the fingerboard, and then let yourself use a maple neck, and say an alder body. This will open your tonal possibilities, opposed to using a mahogany body with a maple top, Check out the main site under the Tutorials section, it should be there, if not then run a search through the forums and your should find
  9. Butterscotch Carmel in colour looks hot with chrome hardware, If it were mine, i would smoothe the carve a little more and take some more outta the horns, the body looks ok to me, maybe just a smidge more in the waist area, Curtis
  10. Thanks everyone, I will get to work on this ASAP
  11. Ok, How would i even go about clamping the dowel in place?
  12. when you say glue that creeps, what exactly do you mean, i havent heard that term before,
  13. Hi all, I have made a slight mistake on a body, both will be easily fixed, I just have a few questions before i go ahead and do it, One, The body is Basswood, I need to fill about, a 3/4 to 1 inch sized hole, i was thinking about getting a peice of hardwood dowel, drilling the hole out to the correct size and gluing in the peice of dowel, sand flush, is this ok to do, will the end grain of the dowel mess up my solid colour finish? Two, I want to fill my neck pick up, mainly because, i only have one pick up left and its a Duncan 59, suited to be in the bridge position, can I fill
  14. dude, pants go 5 inchs BELOW your naval, not above,
  15. wow, that is deffinetly a soup can for a muffler.
  16. And the nail is tiny... hey...if she is 4 " shorter than you ,that makes her 4'6" and also makes her a "spinner"...cooool ...Oh...and the only global warming I believe in is in my pants...the globes are warm indeed... Actually, she would be 4 foot 8 inchs, but what is a spinner??
  17. Yes,but if you read between the lines the title is ACTUALLY "Hi I am CurtisP and i have alot of cars and stuff to brag about so here is a really boring topic that you guys should feel free to bastardize" You see,Curtis is up in canada chasing short girls that are still taller than him,so he has to buy stuff with big wheels attached to compensate... ( I only say that because I have talked to Curtis alot over the years and I know he has the sense of humor to not get offended....) Hey now, Melissa is 4 inchs shorter then I and is 2 years older, Remeber Wes, its not the size of
  18. Well, incase anyone was remotely interested in my little thread here, I have a little update for you. 1) Dynomax Race Bullet muffler (12 inch shell, 16 inch total) - $70.00 Installed, like a Ford Lightning (exits before the rear wheel) Total S.O.T.P horsepower gain - meh, going to say between 1-5 it has more of a midrange pull now then anything, hopefully i get a little more when i knock out the FOUR catalytic converters and put in two high flows, and then compliment it with an intake. Curtis
  19. i was talkin highway there, city i dont even wanna know, I dont drive city as i live on the edge of the highway and i take the highway to work, and then i work right off the highway as well, It was a toss up between a 2003 ranger with the 4.0 v6 and this one, with the 4.6 v8, and trust me, it is a WORLD of difference.
  20. bah, i make good money, and its not that bad on gas, worse then the tiburon, suuuuuuuuuure, but not horrible Tiburon - Summer - 36 mpg F150 - Summer - 18 mpg wow... Curtis
  21. yep, by winter, i will be pushin more then 350 at the crank now, i just priced around, and to do my programmer, under drive pulleys, exhaust and intake, AND a 100 shot spray will give me a whopping 400 ponies, for a price though, i am lookin at about 1500 to install it all myself. So, who wants to race? Curtis
  22. I do all my own work, i am a small engine mechanic by trade.
  23. i dont know, but it was quite the piss off when i had about 700 dollars worth of stereo equipment in it, and insurance didnt cover that.
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