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  1. That's awesome. We have similar space here in Portland. t woudl be fun just to interact with fellow artists.
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys.. I read up on scale legnth, for the kids I'm good probably use a 20.7 (maybe a 22.5) but I think I'll have to measure the frets manually, can't seem to find templates that small.... I'm ording the book from half.com now, and I've asked some locals about locations for wood, and I'm looking on-line, but what the 8/4, 4/4 etc???? Also what's the least expesive way for me to paint the bodies? I have a compressor (Dewalt for Nail/Staple guns) but I don't know if it's worth it for me to fork out cash for a sprayer, wondering if there is acceptable aresol alternat
  3. That is some outstanding work there.
  4. Yup, just need more practice with all sizes and I'll gain the confidence. Tonight's a good night. Thanks for the tip on Whiteside bits.
  5. Just got myself and it home, cracked open the instructions, and am sitting down with a brew. I'll get out to the shop tonight to test it on a pickup hole or two. Thanks Rich. Rich and Rick, I really like this Bosch Colt, and my Craftsman Bosch, because of the variable speed and the no load circuitry. The big router is nice and smooth, basically brand new, but too big, eh cumbersome, to be comfortable using it (yet) on a project like an electric guitar body. Woo Hoo, I'm set now. Both machines will get plenty of use and I'm interested in building a few furniture items in the near
  6. Nice on the drill press. I do like Jet products. Rik, I have that same exact, well almost, setup you have, except mine is a Craftsman (positive its made by BOSCH). I love the router, but it's just a bit bulky for me when trying to do templates, etc., thence my buying the Bosch Colt set. Now, I have to expend monies on my car, so no more tools for me, at least for a while. However, I'm in pretty good shape for making most anything I'll need. Can't wait to get out in the shop tonight.
  7. Just bought the installers kit Bosch Colt 1.0 hp, variable speed, router. This thing is just as awesome as the reviews I read about the thing before buying. The bigger router was just too bulky and uncomfortable to use for small work. Tomorrow, I route my pickup and control cavities for the FrankenStrat I'm building. Anybody else have experience, tips, traps, other advise re this router? Any jigs, accessories I might just have to have?
  8. My goodness, you're a very busy man. I'm beyond impressed. Time to get busy out in the shop. I'm saving for a Steel City Bandsaw.
  9. Nice. I love the Veritas sharpening systems as well. I'm working on getting a shave to be a treat to work with. So many hours toiling with the regular gig cutting in to the things I like to do most ...
  10. Nice, I'll have to get some. Harbor Freight, eh?
  11. EveryTownUSA has their own specialty hardware store Winks is a good example here.
  12. I'll second the motion on Photobucket. Easy to use, and no limits I've seen thus far.
  13. Because I was asking you a question. I had no idea there was only one Ridgie OSS. I want to price it, shop around, maybe buy it.
  14. Very nice. What's the model number for the OSS?
  15. Model 735? Keep forgetting to associate Amazon.com with tools. Must take a look.
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