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    Born in 1968.Working on guitars since the mid 80's. Always interested in finding alternative sources for tools and supplies other than the high priced luthier suppliers. You do not always get what you pay for. Lost count of how many times I had to ship something back to 'a big name luthier supply company', 'cause it wasn't as good as it should be.<br /><br />I guess the only other thing you need to know about me is that I can't always hold back from making stupid jokes. <br />

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  1. I recently found this on the side of the road less than a mile from my house. It’s got some old time mojo for sure. The vise is awesome! Holds large pieces of wood surprisingly firm.
  2. Yeah, I’ve pretty much been sticking to Instagram over forums, ‘cause I can block anyone who annoys me, although I’ve only done it a few times so far. So who owns this place now?
  3. Ha! I’m not going to single anyone out (like Kevan )
  4. Thanks. Almost 10 years since I last posted here. The place seems awfully foreign.
  5. Very shocked and sad to come across this. Brian was one of the best forum owners around. I certainly didn’t agree with all his choices in who he picked for mods, but he, himself wasn’t in his position for any kind of power trip games, and that always stood out, because that’s rare on the Internet. Thank you for that, Brian. I just assumed things were the same for you now as they were last time I was a regular here, 10 years ago. I hope you are ok and at peace.
  6. Pretty sure I just recently saw one on the side of a Gordon Smith Les Paul where it was slightly curved. Now, did they bend that curve into a stock Strat jack plate? I’d like to know.
  7. Be glad there isn't any one guitarist that stood/stands way above the others, otherwise the instrument would be already dead, or close to it. They all kept the instrument alive. Even the one-hit wonders. Even if you do find just a couple really great, how can you stand to listen to them over and over ? I can't do that. Would be like having to take a short-cut through the Sistine Chapel every morning on the way to the office and getting a little fed up with Michelangelo's work.
  8. Everybody's favorite game : 'I'm drunk on Friday night, but can I still operate a scanner ? ' Here. (PSW's looks better)
  9. Used to be that when you'd buy a 3/16" thick Wilkinson roller nut, it would come with a truss rod cover with 4 rollers just like you positioned them, except on the Wilkinson, the rollers were a little closer to the nut. Can't find a pic online, but there's a pic in the 90's StewMac catalogs.
  10. Just a different look. You do mean the little individual "trenches" under each allen bolt, right ?
  11. Then there's the blog style way, which I can imagine is quite appealing, because with that, you can really take your good old time, and not even feel so obligated to finish anything. LOL. I suppose if I ever get a digital camera again, I might make a blog, but only to try to prove I know what I'm talking about. Not so much to hold anybody's hand and Lord knows I never reveal all of my secrets, so it will be a suck-ass blog.
  12. There's also been cases in the past where some no good thief took someone's forum tutorial or article and was selling copies of it on ebay or something like that. Nobody needs that crap. The better the article, the more likely that happens. Most of the time when I come across a good tip on a forum, I copy it and save it in my email draft box. Quite a mess in there now, , but I have tons of info in there. There's actually a small numbers of guys on the internet that whenever I see they've posted, I read it and often save it, adding to what I saved of theirs before. I don't think of any
  13. I wish I was able to watch youtube videos (computer and ISP too slow), 'cause I can tell you as someone who had a lot of Dan Erlewine articles in print for years, until finally getting all his videos, that printed words of a lot of luthier stuff just doesn't do it justice. Videos rule with this kind of stuff. Things I read ended up being quite a bit different from what I thought after seeing the same things on video. I guess a lot of people know that and it makes it seem a little more futile to try to "write" articles. I guess the whole thing with "asking" for tutorials puts some negativity
  14. I'd like the opposite. That anyone starting out do some of their own legwork to get them more at the level of those they'd like to ask qestions and share ideas with. Yes, I realize if you spend $50 on some books, you won't be able to get that Chinese floyd rose copy on ebay. How about a tutorial on how to earn money for books and tools by cleaning out gutters for elderly people around your neighborhood . I don't mean you Mexi, I mean these "blank slate" guys who show up and want to know all the tools needed. I don't get that way of thinking. Anytime I wanted to learn something new (like
  15. For the basic wood-working stuff, check out a thing called "woodworking forums". You'll probably find more people there willing to help with your drum sander problem, etc. I would like a tutorial on how to take away the blacked-out areas on Our Souls photos. And consider this : Let people who pass along helpful tips to do it in the way they feel most comfortable with. Not everyone feels like writing a mini-book without pay. Some only have the patience to throw in their 2 cents where they see fit. I've probably picked up the most valuable info from people who pass it along in the most i
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