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  1. Thanks to eveyone. That may work. I will give to the luther.
  2. Do you mean have the 1st switch reverse the polls on the neck and 2nd switch reverse the polls on the bridge?
  3. Correction there is a 5-way super switch (Now fixed in original post).
  4. I have an H-H-H pickup configuration and my question is about how to wire these to the picture shown. 5-Way Super Switch selector. Plus 2 switches on the face (I will explain what each one does in a moment) I want to have the neck humbucker and the middle (single coil humbucker) to 1 volume and 1 tone pot. And I want the bridge to be connected to just 1 single volume pot without any tone pot (3 pots total). Now check out the picture. You will notice that the 2nd, 3rd & the 4th position can be "out of phased" (On/Off for Switch #1). Also you will notice the lower section
  5. So if the pickups were placed on top of one another about 1/4" apart. The magnets then would not be in an opposite flux. Therefore they could not degauss eachother. Then I guess they should be fine. Great! Thanks y'all.
  6. Cool...thanks. Spending $160 on pickups just to find out you just screwed them up, is not my idea of fun.
  7. I own some Dimarzio Pickups. I placed 2 new replacement pickups on top of my old installed pickups for less than 30 seconds. I just wanted to see what they looked like with my paint job (cream and black vs. just black). I have read that pickups need to be stored apart and preferably wrapped up and not touching. But keep in mind the new pickups were sitting on the strings and not in contact with the old pickups. Anyways here is my concern. Did I do any damage to the pickups?
  8. The trem stop is a little tough to push on. But I think that's just an adjusment thing. I usually dive bomb anyways. So I lock the Tremol-No to the "dive only" mode. That way I can have a hard tail feel with an option to dive. I love this setup.
  9. Thank you. I spent alot of $$ to have it made.
  10. These pictures represent 4 years in the make. The neck and body were originally purchased off an online auction site (guess which one). The neck is off an Ibanez Prestige RG 2570 (don't know the year). And the body was a project that someone didn't finish, but it was made out of Swamp Ash (exactly what I wanted). I proceeded to shape the body to my liking and had a friend (Mike Nedd of Nedd guitars in Houston area) do the monkey grip and the later setup. When it was time to paint it. I sent it to the world famous Herc Fede to do a custom swirl on it. The neck has a brown mirrored sh
  11. OMG! Your right. It is NOT f-Spaced! It's at 48mm (1.89"). Dimarzio put the wrong pickup in the box. And I had it wired up and everything. Thanks for the heads up. This time i'm going to make sure it is 53mm pole to pole.
  12. I purchased the Tone Zone as an F-spaced pickup. And it arrived with the correct sticker "F-Spaced" on it. But I don't think this is an F-Spaced pickup. I could be wrong though. Is this normal?
  13. Gluing it in place? That might work better. So that would act like a set neck, right? I guess I could really modify the rear of the body if I was making it a set-neck.
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