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  1. that's primo man! the recessed pup and bridge reminds me of a resonator guitar
  2. NAWY2J, here is my suggestion, maybe a little late. Make a convincing suggestion to your teacher that it would be better to spend your time and focus on the theory and design of a guitar build rather than get mucked up tool work and end up with a rushed and faulty final product. You could make drawings of how you are determining the neck angle and bridge height. You can give the pro's and con's of different design styles and how you use that info in your design. You can make a schematic of your proposed electronics for the guitar, and explain why you chose whatever setup. Then when you've got the whole plan on paper you could start the physical work of the project. I think you will be much more satisfied with your results with this approach.
  3. Man that's really too bad. I've had a couple things stolen from me, it was just expensive stuff though, not anything with sweat equity. I've been able to mentally write the loss off pretty quick, but I can't shake the feeling of wanting to curb-stomp the mofo. I hope you manage to kick that feeling, I haven't found it that pleasant. If you do want to curb stomp a mofo (the phrase "curb stomp a mofo" is slang for "report the crime to the proper authorities") I wish you the best of luck and great deviousness.
  4. Congratulations. Go read some books on parenting. Books are awesome. And ditto to what Mr. Bojerik said. Infants pick up on stuff real fast. If you want a challenge, you and your wife could learn a language and speak 2 languages around the kid. Anyway man I see you are air force so if the kid goes to the pool at 6 months I say you give it the PAST test at 1 year, that way you can get the kid in the PJ or CCT program by age 7.
  5. only post those pics if you're really an ostrich
  6. I mirrored the guitar to help me wrap my mind around it. My brain is too feeble for this left handed stuff. I dig the tailpiece, headstock, and recessed sides. I'd have to see the f-hole in person with shadows and whatnot. What if you painted the f holes matte-white? The colors are good, but I think I'd rather see keystone tuner knobs and an ebony fretboard with gold evo fretwire. YUM! I think I would have to see it being played to see about the cutaway. It adds an eccentricity that maybe some zappa could bring out. Could you explain what is going on with the headstock? Is that a cover over classical style tuners?
  7. You could do something like this to get your point on. I just threw them squigglys in for fun. I've got a project v I'm doing something similar on. And for my fretboard inlays I am trying to design something pointy yet rounded. I'm no good at drawing so I copy designs into auto cad, simplify them to an outline, and then tweak the lines by stretching them and moving them around. For me it's the best way to take a concept I like and make it look perfect. Try looking into control alternatives, such as dual-concentric volume pots. Think about your electronics rig a lot. I like a good balance between controls and the features I actually use.
  8. My personal opinion is that you need to start with building a bass, since it it only has 4 strings. Man I could see you starting with a 5 string bass, or maybe a 6, but an 8! You're rediculous! An inline 8 headstock is gonna be wicked long. Anyway, good luck! P.S. you should put 3 truss rods in it! People will call you an innovator!
  9. Oops, I didn't read that this was for the back of the guitar. I think E would look good on a top with figured maple. One section stained black and one white-ish or something.
  10. I like the idea. I vote for E, because I think it would look good with hardware and electronics on it. It would'nt be to busy to look at, and it would look elegantly nifty.
  11. You should give up some frets and pack 6 humbuckers in there, some active and some passive, and then have enough switches to get all possible pickup configurations. I feel a mini semi-hollow electric harp is needed on one of those horns as well. Add some hidden compartments and a fingerprint reader and you'll be set. Seriously though, don't waste time making anything that isn't exactly what you want. The only time you've got left is right now, so it doesn't matter how long you worked on it in the past.
  12. The asymmetry at the neck pocket is like a carve-away for increased access to the upper frets, as it is a 24 fret. I have never actually played a V, so I'm not sure how it will work in practice, but I like the looks of it at the least. I have definitely been thinking about guitars too much lately. I had a dream I was restringing my acoustic at the top of a tower sitting on the edge of a wall and I dropped it and it shattered. I think there's a moral to this.
  13. I doubt that the fretboard/neck bond actually requires all the strength that most bonding projects offer. I hope this won't come back to haunt me though.
  14. Pic 2 in the second set looks like the pick guard was carbon fiber a little. A nice carbon weave would kill on that one
  15. It is going to be a custom pickup ring, gold plated. I'm gonna try to make it out of an old road sign that was in my buddy's apartment. Still deciding on the shape of the upper pickup ring. So the design has come a little further, and now I have come to the selection of a neck pickup ring. I have a few candidates in this picture. This shape is the last big part of the design to do. Tell me what you think!
  16. I'm gonna go with rotary for this project, then I'll see how I like it in the future. I think toggle or blade type is optimal, but it would look out of place on this guitar. As for the killswitch, its mostly just something to do for 3 knobs and it may be fun for a little screwing around. But really I just wanna be Tom Morello.
  17. Thanks for all the responses. That was an awesome no-nonsense explanation erikbojerik! I didn't know about the moisture difference between wood glue and epoxy. I haven't seen that order for fretting and gluing the fretboard before either.
  18. I have been streamlining my original idea in CAD, and I would like to get some opinions on the design so far. The first picture was the original design I drew up about 2 years ago. The CAD picture is where I am right now. I know the bridge is slanted backwards in the hand drawn pic. The treble side of the second pic is my attempt at a cuttaway on a V Any contributions and criticisms of the design are welcome. I want some ammo for the next CAD session Thanks
  19. I was looking at stainless steel frets at LMI's website and they had a blurb about stainless steel frets being hard to level and redress, so they are ideal for luthiers who construct immaculate fretboards. I am starting a project, and would like some ideas/experiences of making setups that required little fret touch up. I would rather spend a lot of time setting up the neck and fretboard, than any time filing frets. My initial idea is to jig up tension on the neck while radiusing the fretboard in order to create a fretboard that will be flat when strung up. Another option could be to taper down the fretboard surface of the neck to some pre-observed specification so that the fretboard ends up level when strung up. Not real sure where the truss rod fits in all this. Thanks
  20. Nice and simple, it would be cool with a cream colored pup though. That G3'07 poster is salt in a wound for me. Big name concerts are few and far between where I live. I've been a fan of Satch and Gilbert for a while, and in '06 I was in Phoenix, Arizona for spring break when I saw an ad somewhere for a G3 concert. Turned out it was sold out. In '07 I was goin down again, and I checked websites for G3 tour dates and there was nothing around Phoenix. When I got down there, I saw a TV ad for G3 again. Sold out. I guess I checked too early.
  21. Just be aware that automotive paints take years to completely cure. They bleed off chemicals for a long time. (info from guy at the bodyshop)
  22. So, this project has been in the back of my head for a couple years. It is a variation on Gibson's obscure Flying V2. Here are the specs: Makore body sandwiching thin piece of mahogany 5 piece mahogany/maple set neck Ebony Fretboard, 24.75" scale, 24 frets Hardware: Gold Sperzel locking tuners Gold Tune-o-matic bridge string-through Ferrules Custom Gold pickup route covers That gold EVO fretwire from LMI Electronics: 2 humbuckers- dimarzio evolution neck, evo 2 bridge Master volume, PRS-style multipole rotary selector, Killswitch disguised as a tone or volume control I am yet undecided on how to finish it. Suggestions welcome. I started a thread with some "perfect fretboard" questions over in solid body discussion. Wood and Hardware I'm finishing up a CAD drawing so I can print up templates. I am looking for some string-through ferrules, but I cant find any I like. I need something less like the carvin profile and more like this profile side profile: / \ There will be the bevel from the Gibson V2 and the top will be fully carved as well. Any input welcome
  23. Hello everyone! I have been lurking around this forum for a long time, but usually suppress the urge to actually log in or post. I discovered this forum when I began researching a project guitar. I love guitars, guitarists, and music, but I don't play much right now. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska for about another month and then I'm hitting the continental US to kill time until shipping to basic training for the Air Force. I'm a bicycle geek, and an aspiring hobo, so I'll be roaming around the states (starting around Pittsburgh, PA) living out of a hammock tent and rallying some mountain bike trails. I have finally started my project in my parents garage and my goal is to crank it out before I leave. Rock on, Tom
  24. Thank you all for your input. I've decided to nix the blender idea after reading your responses. Your experiences have saved me a bit of time with trial and error. I must confess that my wiring scheme for this project is primarily influenced by aesthetics. I have three of those ufo gold/abalone knobs I want on there, and I don't like the look of a toggle or lever switch for this project. Im gonna go with master volume, PRS style multipole rotary switch, and a killswitch. The killswitch is going to be really fun to install, it will be fitted with a ufo knob to look like its a pot, but it will be a normally open momentary switch. Keep an eye on the in progress/finish work forum, I'll be starting the thread soon. It should be a really engaging project!
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