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  1. I had the great pleasure of meeting this chap and spending some time with him recently. If you havent heard any of his work and your interested in any kind of tap harmonics and melody I suggest you give it a watch. Great Tune Incredible and also a great fella!
  2. Knowing what its like to lose a member of the family on this website I have to say god bless to blues! May he rest in peace and thrive in the afterlife! The idea of creating something to remember him by has to be applauded! take care dude wherever you may be!
  3. Deja Vu! ← If your a mod sometimes you have to... Accept responsibility, Give responsibility and administer responsibility. For a Paragram... Soldier in a wartime situation. Does he give advice to the people or does he shoot them? Does he get asked the same question over and over? And does he STILL do his job in an appropriate manner? Did he take the responsibility of a soldier on whn he signed up? Or does it give him the wheebles whn people ask him the same question over and over and he ends up telling them where to go? The moral is... if you take the job on. You have to accept what
  4. Why is a porductive point about basic manners pointless? The same if you are in a relationship and that person tells you what they expect can you seriously chastise them when they do screw up? The fact is people cpme pn here with no experience as much as those that do have experience. They way to guide and teach is to be nice and say hey man yep you went about it the wrong way try this. And they will take that on board. But to diss them totally is losing us a valued and possibly as GE states influential member. So where is the point in being blunt? I just dont get it? Maybe Brian can shed some
  5. Wear Me Out I actually thought this was a really productive argument or rather debate until it was closed can someone please tell me why as soon as the name litchfield was entered the whole thread gets closed? we all know he is a not nice. So why take offence to spmething that will benefit the forum such as this? Especially when the debate has been so respectful so far???
  6. ok sorry! maybe he likes building guitars? anyway enough now LOL
  7. Sorry Marksound just a bit of an in joke I guess. Check Lichfields other fantastical building ideas... I'm waiting for the *nail varnish is a really good sound adhesive method* LOL sorry couldnt resist. Drak where is the WOD when you need it! Sorry again ban me but im absolutely killing myself at Draks reply Im sorry this really isnt fair to the thread...
  8. thanks man my lunch just got spat all over the table LMAO
  9. lol wait till you get married and spend your whole life apologising for something you may have not done, but if the wife even thinks intent was there... your screwed! Go homosexuality! (KIDDING)
  10. Matey you are tired! lol and usually I dont rant and please dont think i am ranting now! except when perry gets agro! On this occasion I just knew where he was coming from. But seriously chill mate this is in jest! I'm kiddin with ya! its ok!
  11. Mate stop stressing Australia and especially WA is one of the most tolerant places on earth. Seriously just go with the flow its fine! You say what you have to say dude! PWEASE do not stress the garehanmann! anyways back on topic if you please Mr Alex...
  12. Dude if my wife would let me I'd love to! ah damn it now you went and editied yours I have to do the same... yknow what bugger it hahaha! I really do hope people find the funny side of all this!
  13. I'm not wanting to drag this out and Mr Alex sounds good for a build and I do hope it goes well mate sounds exciting! But I do also have to say that the word Whoring down here is just another expression commonly used by many people ( especially in Karratha! ). I'm not saying its right or wrong and will not be drawn into the whole he is right she is wrong thing... But it is a common term which you wont find usually anywhere else. Sorry in advance! But I dont think perry meant offence by it! And again I usually get my back up when perry gets agressive!
  14. Man Jeremy thats bad. But as everyone has said it could be worse! Heres a strange story of whats happened to myself and Maria over the last six months... We bought her a Holden (GM) Astra to drive about three years ago. Since we had it here is the list of problems.. bare in mind the car has done 45000 k's in the three years. Which isnt much. New discs and pads all round ( due to manufacturing fault ) New ignition lock ( due to manufacturing fault ) Spare tire in boot which was never touched since new was flat and had a hole in it. New wheel bearings all round ( manufaturing fault ) N
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