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  1. Finding the right audience and buyers is the hardest part. Once you dial that in, then you can sell easier. You have to make things that specific players will like. Trying to appear to a general audience rarely works.
  2. 30 of them. I did see that my tax program excluded some of profit. What a relief!
  3. So after prepping my business taxes for last year, i realize i am not as successful as i thought. Not even close. I made 36 guitars. After buying a ton of new tools, wood, supplies... I netted $4500. Insane. I worked 14 hour days all through the summer and worked 6 days a week minimum. What a waste of a year. time to look for a part time job.
  4. Thanks scotty! Yes, repeat customers make up the majority of my client list. A lot of guys have 4, i think 2 have 5. A lot of 2s as well. Business has been great, thankfully.
  5. I guess its that time again. I had been using a thread that was 2 years old. I havent updated progress in a while. I had been working on a ton of guitars, but havent finished many. I also vow to do more in progress/ video tutorials this year.
  6. They are the only ones in town, and they dont really offer any other services anymore, from what i hear. I cant check it out though
  7. Yes tried 3 different brands and 3 different gauges. Obviously the heavier gauges help in standard tuning because there is more tension, but other than that, no difference.
  8. Same fretwire for years. nothing else new at all. Same identical method, aside from new fret leveling beams (which are nicer than my original) No buzzing when i knock on the guitar.
  9. There is really no other option other than grinding the bottom of the nut down or going deeper with the shelf for the nut. You will still need a shim in the neck pocket if its that high when the bridge is all the way down.
  10. Definitely not the strings themselves. Tried multiple brands, gauges and core types. its definitely fret buzz from the frets, because the last fret doesnt buzz.
  11. I could see that causing this issue. but the chances that 20 different necks, made of different woods, all quartersawn in 5 p-7 pieces all have a warp. Visually i see absolutely no warp. I wish that was it then i could at least lay this to rest. But, ive given up. a year of researching and tested literally ever. single. day. For a year. I just concede to this. I'll never figure it out and my guitars will remain inconsistent. This one will get refunded.
  12. Yes. I just re checked it again. With a straight edge from the first fret to resting on the saddles, the straightedge touches the first fret, and by the 24th there is a 3/32" gap . meaning there is a slope (in the right direction) from the first fret to the 24th. I just dont know what to do anymore. Ive invested over 6000 in tools this year only to have this issue make me turn around and re sell it all.
  13. In my head, that is what i picture it being. I go to great lengths to avoid that. Maybe its a form of that, where i cant see it or measure it.
  14. The interesting thing is that these have no neck angle. All of them are flat mounted because the hipshot bridges are low.
  15. I had been using a crowning file that made them a little more overall round than pyramid shaped. I bought 2 different style of crowning files to try after that. Finished crown is less than .5mm All frets are equally buzzy, so the feeler gauge doesnt help much. No fret buzzes more than others. Its not like some are dead frets and others arent. but i have wondered, what is the ideal clearance between a fretted fret and the one in front of it?
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