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  1. So no actual discovery on the fret buzz.. So I've been sticking to making bodies. Finished a couple of long term builds too.
  2. Your builds are great, man. You build exactly like how i would do it.
  3. did you seal it first or is that on raw wood?
  4. Haha daddy drak! I'll call Pimentel this week sometime.
  5. So somebody pointed out something to me on one of my guitars. I dont think its true, because i dont see it, but allegedly its the cause of the buzzing on all my guitars. I wont post it here, but if you are curious, message me.
  6. So another update. Ive decided to stop making necks all together. I still never found out the buzz issue. I also had a retun and and also had to cancel a build half way through this week, which totalled 3100$, most of which was out of pocket. From now on i'll only be building body blanks and warmoth builds.
  7. You kind of answered your own question on the neck angle. It depends on which bridge. Ones with tune o matic bridges do, ones with floyds and evertune dont. I think you definitely need a locking nut if you are going to be using the trem.
  8. I mean its possible. I usually add the relief that would normally be created by using the truss rod
  9. I have actually done that exact thing for around 6 years
  10. I can definitely put relief into them. Most of my necks are thin, .8" at the first fret, .85 at the 12th. with the notched straight edge, i can see even relief develop and disappear, when adjusting the truss rod. There is a possibility that maybe it isnt creating relief evenly? My only option left is to level under string tension
  11. I always set up with a notched straight edge. I can get it perfectly straight with no gaps anywhere, using the straight edge. Then i ad just a sliver of relief in. I also did carbon fiber on 2 of the necks, same result.
  12. So just an update. Ive since put together 4 guitars, and they all still do it as well. Same identical problem. The low strings seem to be even worse. A simple power chord on any of the low strings dont even ring out. Im done for.
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