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  1. On the zebrawood top? I plan on just oiling that one. Zebrawood takes oil really well.
  2. I get that. but you can make one. Only takes a few minutes
  3. Ive found that its much cleaner and easier to make the corners of a neck pocket a 1/2 radius, and it will match your bearing bit.
  4. I used the same 2k brand i normally do, but i found they had a flat finish available. sprayed it the same way, but only 2 coats total. It doesnt spray very smooth and takes like a day to flatten out.
  5. Yes sir, i use a detail spray gun. super low PSI and hardly any fluid actually coming out. gives you a lot of control. Was a dang expensive piece, too. 300 for that billet that i still had to resaw
  6. not quite a good supply. i find a board once every few months and buy it. wish i had more
  7. This post was from 5 years ago
  8. Not blue, they are black. Pale moon ebony
  9. People seem to call dragonburst different things. Do you consider, blue, green and yellow, dragonburst?
  10. Trying my best. been a crazy few months for me. Its in the sand back stage. the wood naturally had a color change around the edge there, so its a lighter yellow/ white color. But its about to get a lizardburst finish today.
  11. Been busy. Both with guitars and with mental breakdowns.
  12. 2k satin? Which brand? Satin and matte finishes are one area i havent mastered yet
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