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  1. That's pretty neat, Osorio. I would have made the stripes on the top also, as you did on the back. Day work takes our whole time. Sometimes I wish days were longer... Btw, nice to see another brazillian around here! - Fernando
  2. First of all, welcome to the forum! =] Man, you just solved all my doubts about metal flakes! Really thanks for joining in to answer me, I don't know how to retribute that, so thanks. So here are some pics of the body I am refinishing. As far as I know, it is made of cedar. It has a beautifull around the cuts.. too bad it doesn't show that much on the top and back.. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 (bad quality is due to cellphone's camera and my laziness to get a decent cam) Well, I'll try to start the work this week, so I'll be posting updates and pics. Again, thanks everyone
  3. Really thanks for the info man! Helped a lot =] Yes yes, I'm after full coverage with flakes, and probably will mix the colors as you've said. The idea of the light blue over the purple flake is interesting, maybe it can produce a different color based from the angle you look? Would be nice.. Again, thanks for all the info! I'll be posting pics as soon as I start the finishing process. PS: sorry for that, if any moderator wishes to move the topic, ok.
  4. Heh, wazup? For 2 years I've been looking at PG's guitars... always amazing things. My strat' finish just cracked.. the strange is that it all came off like some old snake skin. Kinda looked like a shell, the finish wasnt really grabbed into the wood. Dunno if it's a bad finish or what.. Now I'm into refinishing it, which I fear to death.. Anyway, my goal is to get it purple with metal flakes, but I'm just not sure about a good way to do it First I thought in giving it a base purple, then a clear coat with the flakes, then the final clears. What you guys recommend? Anothe
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