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  1. EXISTO - Walnut Top neck: mahogany fingerboard: ebony scale: 24.75 frets: 24 body: mahogany top: english walnut hardware: Gotoh 510 pickups: BKP Painkiller set controls: 3-way switch, 2 volumes, 1 master tone more pics and building thread: http://projectguitar...=60#entry514612
  2. I just got it The guitar is lovely, hair and all, what kind of bridge and stop bar is that? Gotoh 510
  3. me too...I want to kill a photographer
  4. EXISTO neck: mahogany fingerboard: indian rosewood scale: 24.75 frets: 24 body: mahogany, weight relief chambers top: quilted maple hardware: Gotoh 510 pickups: Seymour Duncan SH1/TB15 controls: 3-way switch, 2 volumes, 1 master tone more pics and building thread: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=46521&st=0
  5. This is a great inlay Idea. Could I use this for my builds? Sure! Idea taken from mid '90 ESP horizon
  6. Guitars are almost done. I'm too busy with repair and refret jobs at this moment to take good shots.
  7. Terve! Glad to read such a positive comments
  8. It looks like he used a pattern following router bit and used the frets themselves as the pattern for the bulk of it. A razor or exacto was likely used to square up the corners where fret meets board. Elegantly simple solution. SR
  9. these bodies are made from same mahogany board, but have a significal difference in weight. so i decided to rout weight relief chambers.
  10. i have not photographed each step of building process, but here one trick - use aceton instead of glue
  11. You mean sticky paper on fretboard? All inlays are handcut by myself. It's jast one of my experiments how to transfer pattern on wood, but nothing can't beat up a good scribe.
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