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  1. You mean sticky paper on fretboard? All inlays are handcut by myself. It's jast one of my experiments how to transfer pattern on wood, but nothing can't beat up a good scribe.
  2. RAD, you right, i cut neck angle using mitre saw.
  3. "Summer" Neck: 1pc mahogany Fretboard: Ebony, 25.5" scale, 10-16" radius, 24 jumbo frets, butterfly inlay (paua, black and white MOP) Body: 1pc mahogany, 1pc carved maple top. solidbody, only small chamber under soundholes Bribge: Schaller GTM piezo Pickups: EMG 81/85 Electronics: 1 master volume, 1 master tone, 3-way pickup switch, LR baggs mixer (magnetic/piezo switch, mix pot) [MORE]
  4. Thanx to all of You, guys! I'm really pleased to read so nice comments immortalx, I don't want to sell this guitar for some reasons, but I can build a copy or make it with features suitable to You wisdom727, it's a piezo wire and I put it into a string ferrule. finishing is standard and simple on top (stain, nitro sealer, 2 or 3 coats of tinted laquer and nitro top coats), but back is oiled. peterbrown, something in Tele style Osorio, maybe I should try ))) p.s. sorry, english is not my best
  5. Mahogany neck and body, 1 piece maple top. Solid body, just a small chamber under the holes. piezo bridge, lr baggs mixer...
  6. Specs: Body - Makore Neck - Flamed maple Fingerboard - Narra Scale: 27" Inlays - Black MOP Frets - Stewmac extra jumbo Tuners - Gotoh Bridge - Tonepros Pickup - SD Blackouts 7 Controls - 1 volume
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