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  1. I agree with WezV. The shape is really cool, but all you have to do is resize it a little. Something to me looks too big in comparison to the neck and headstock. Great job on getting a killer shape though, my custom design went through 12 major changes before it looked acceptable.
  2. Yeah, the AutoCAD software itself won't break the bank but the license will. Older versions (maybe R14 is still out) would work just as well and might run around 4000 usd. Just in case you are not from AU, 7000 = about 5,700 usd. There are also some other programs that are not from AutoDesk that can do CAD drawings.
  3. heres a link on how to do the side dots LED Tutorial
  4. very nice... is it all shell material?
  5. im not sure im seeing exactly what is too big, but could you use a chisel and remove wood just where the plastic is too big?
  6. nice work. so have you gotten to the point of testing how well it works?
  7. if you solder the two leads from both pickups you wont have the option to get only one at a time. both signals will be permanently together (unless you desolder of course)
  8. yes exactly what I was thinking. or you could try a block that will fit on your FB with a hole in the middle that will give you a flat surface to work on. but then you have to make a concave radius... both ideas came to mind.
  9. Just keep in mind when routing the inlays out that you are working on a radiused surface.
  10. Also some other helpful points of information would be what kind of switch do you have? Is it a SPST or DPST? In other words, does it have 2 lugs coming out of it or 3? You can also try troubleshooting by using the continuity tester on your multimeter. I don't know what kind you have but if you have that capability you can make sure the jack and volume output are connected when the switch is off (not killing).
  11. did the neck come with the fingerboard or did you make the neck and buy the slotted fingerboard? btw i love your signature. what a movie...
  12. oh ok. so you used the SPST to either allow the signal to go to ground or not to. Its in parallel wiring, not series so thats why it works.
  13. a SPST switch will make a terrible killswitch. If the signal isn't grounded when the switch kills it, you get lots of nasty buzz. if you can wire it to connect the signal to the jack in one position and connect the signal to ground in another it should work better. killswitch
  14. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted in June's GOTM. I was very excited when I saw people were actually voting for me. Hopefully I'll be able to start some more builds soon, and I hope guitar building is something I can enjoy as a career. Thanks again, Brendan
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