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  1. Sound great, thats got me inspired to try a sustainer in my next build
  2. On mine the actuall jacks are for stereo output but there both wired for mono, so you only need mono.
  3. To be honest all my leads are at my friends house bar the two i have at the house the now so i havent tested it properly yet. It works fine switching between amp and the empty socket with no pop, but this might not be the case when connected to two amps. il let you know when i test it out properly. I would rarely need to switch amps mid song so i guess it doesnt really matter. However an active circuit looper pedal would be a good project so i could switch between two different banks of effect pedals but somehow still having it conected to the same amp. Would this be possible?
  4. You can use this box to switch between one guitar and two amps, or use it between one amp and use the other channel for a tuner?
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