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  1. Hmmmmm crafty.... Mesa didn't fit into this post but somehow you managed to "Plug" it. I bet your Mesa has a glory hole.... Roland Cube is a good solid state modeling amp that fits into the low volume home recording scene great. A tube amp in your price range usually has to be cranked pretty high to get a good drive on it since features will be limited. Roland, Line 6, or even Behringer all fit the bill pretty good for what you are looking for....
  2. If you do strip it down to wood and shoot it with a Nitro Cellulose finish... it will sound better. The poly mutes the woods natural tone. Nitro was made for wood finishes and it breathes. Nitro also ages better than poly, you will have a classic within a few years. You can go quick and cheap or create a classic... just depends on what you want.
  3. A heat gun works best on the poly finishes.
  4. Ever wonder who trained those wasps to attack you?
  5. I own 3 80's Laneys...and they all are great amps. Nothing wrong with them....
  6. You guys are being pretty tough on this.... The guy just wants opinions from other musicians.... I thought it was par for the course. Nothing really stood out and that's what you look for in a video. Acoustics was a bad call... should have been a guy trying out electrics in a music store as she peers in. The chick in the bar... don't know what to think of that... seems pretty normal to me.... see that all the time. Wouldn't worry about that.
  7. It's either that or the tranny is going.... and that is warranty work and should be covered. A bad ground loop can cause a buzzing too but if you always played it in the same plug in and it is now just starting to buzz... I doubt that's the issue. But to save face at your dealer.... tell them that you think your tubes are dying..... or else they will laugh at you. Then they will run a diagnostic on the amp and let you know what the issue is if they are a reputable establishment. Tubes become microphonic sometimes straight from the factory. When you own a tube amp there is maintenence that
  8. Get yourself a new set of tubes..... Probably a bad power tube. Make sure you bias them. There is no warrantee on tubes so you will more than likely have to eat the cost.
  9. I am very frustrated trying to find a useable wiring diagram for my Dean Flying V. This is a 79 reissue and had very cheap components in it. I put original Dimarzio Super distortion and Super 2 pickups in it. 2 Volume and 1 tone pot were upgraded to CTS 500meg pots. I tried the original config and it did not function properly, so I searched the web for for other diagrams and none of those worked properly either. Does anyone have the 79 Dean V original wiring diagram so I can copy it exactly? Thanks! I have tried this...
  10. Do you still have both? How much will you take for both?
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