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  1. I agree with jessejames, I think it looks really good as is. I think the dragon's too busy on an otherwise clean and tidy looking guitar. Maybe if the inlay on the body kind of mirrored the inlays you had on the neck it might look cool. Its not my guitar though. Always like your builds, very nice.
  2. Nice, very clean work. What is the back wood? Some kind of cherry? looks really good.
  3. Looks like you can get a free sample on the timbermate site - http://www.timbermate.com/sample_order
  4. Whats the reasoning behind the glue layer?
  5. Nice job. How do you like the sperzel copy tuners? I'm guessing their like the ones you can get on GFS or Ebay?
  6. Will putting staggered tuners on an angled head give me any problems?
  7. Being your first build, a carve might not be a bad thing to give a try. However, somehow I can't really picture that kind of carve that you pictured on your guitar. It's mostly the little extra part you have on the lower cutaway that I can't really picture. I agree with Untitled Project, I think it'd look pretty good with just a roundover and some oil. just my two cents
  8. K great, I'm trying to draw up a 6 in line shape and kind of liked that sort of idea. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Wow that looks amazing man! Very clean as already said. I noticed on the headstock that the string hangs over the headstock a little. Have you noticed any problems with that or is that pretty much ok?
  10. Depending on how much time you have, you could just bring the guitar itself around to the different people, they could leave their mark (whatever it may be), and then on to the next person. Besides if you're wanting to get a bunch of people in on it, it's not like they'll each have to take up a lot of real estate on the top, and the amount of time each person took with it probably wouldn't be very long. If you didn't have to chop it up it might be a bonus. Good luck either way, sounds like a cool build.
  11. You may be thinking of SJE-Guitars, here's his thread, I dont think he's doing them right now... http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...75&start=75
  12. I think I've seen someone on ebay selling birdseye maple neck blanks and they're "vulcanized" like you said or something along those lines. The wood looks darker too after it's done, if I'm remembering this right.
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