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  1. Sounds a lot like bone actually. The guitar is more responsive now.
  2. Yeah, I don't know what's up with the pictures, it's definitely shiny in real life. It looks like glossy plastic.
  3. Had a nut cut out of the buffalo horn. It's really easy to work and looks/sounds great.
  4. Template+router Trace the plate, bring in the line, cut it out, make sure the jack fits in the template, drill the holes, then use the holes to screw the template down and rout it.
  5. Actually stain can be a dye too. Stain is a broad term. The difference is between pigment stains and dye stains. Pigment stains consist of larger particles that get stuck on the surface of the wood and in pores. They can get blotchy and are generally less even than dyes. Dyes absorb into the wood to color it, and will make the grain "pop" more.
  6. Think of the dive-bombs you could get out of that =P
  7. I would guess that you're losing most of your signal with such a low impedance(fixed with the preamp in the distortion pedal). Try a 250 or 500K tone pot.
  8. 1. I suppose magnetic could be used, but you'd still need one pickup per string. 2. Yeah, you tune it by hand.
  9. Uh, how about Shop->Buy Now? They range from $900-2000
  10. Haha, sounds like a good time.
  11. Both of those ways should work. The first diagram is just a nontraditional way of wiring it.
  12. I'm not sure about the titebond, but depending on what kind of wood it is it the fumes could be bad just because of that.
  13. It's longer than the humbucker itself, but I think it's still smaller than the ring surrounding the humbucker. edit: Yeah, it's nearly exactly the same length, but a couple mm smaller. You'd be working within some pretty close tolerances, but it'd be possible for it to be an invisible mod.
  14. Hmm. Actually, you might not be. I think a p-90 is narrower than the ring for a humbucker. So if you filled the rout with a block and re-routed it it wouldn't be visible. Or you could try a side-by-side p-90 bucker like Dimarzio has. Or go active with EMGs. Or even try a stacked p-90(though stacked coils tend to suck, to put it mildly). Not completely screwed, just in a not so desirable situation.
  15. Jesus, $160 for a single pickup? I should hope they're as good as he makes them out to be.
  16. Let me know how that Hx-90 sounds in the neck. I was thinking about one for a tele or jag.
  17. Wow, that's helpful. He joined the forum just to answer your question.
  18. This is for a DPDT on/on/on mini-toggle(you can get them at just about any guitar parts place online). The "from" wires are the ones currently going from the lugs on the volume pot of each to the output jack. It'll be easier(and quieter) to have this switch somewhere near the output jacks. If you put it somewhere else, make sure you use shielded wire for the long runs.
  19. Very nice, John. This should definitely go in GOTM.
  20. I used original titebond and it dried dark brown/grey. Might have been the wood though. Walnut and padouk.
  21. Damn that is sexy. It needs zebras.
  22. Parallel is also noise cancelling, only a single coil tapped or two coils that are not opposite polarity/wind will have hum. Also, series has the higher output, not parallel, because the electrical signal is effectively being summed, not averaged which is what happens with parallel. And parallel will have a cleaner sound/more treble.
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