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  1. Yeah, a line 6 spider 3 75 watt is what I've got. Great stuff on that amp, and it should be only $300 if you find a good store.
  2. Will acrylic model paint work? Or perhaps polyurethane?
  3. Hmm. I was thinking more of a design than a full solid color, but that could work too. Do you know where I can get black anodized aluminium? I could just anodize it myself, it's not very hard. Besides, there isn't much "building" going on. I'm not building a guitar from scratch just customizing some bits, so I'm not concerned with the time it'll take.
  4. Hey, I was making an aluminium pickguard for my guitar and I was wondering what you guys recommend for painting metal. I know spray paint is out of the question. Any ideas? Thanks.
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