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  1. I like how you keep the BBQ in view of the work bench. It must help keep the wood in line to do your bidding or suffer the consequences.
  2. Very nice and great pictures with write-up. I look forward to more!
  3. I'm not sure if adding a green tint will highlight the natural green in the poplar or muddy it up. I'd definitely test on scrap first. I'd get yellow and blue dye. I'm thinking that it may need a bit more yellow than blue in the mix to get a light green dye.
  4. I'd put the neck and bridge on. Then, string it up and play it, making sure the strings line up properly from the nut to the bridge. Also, look for anything else that will compromise it's playability. Good luck!
  5. Looking good. I never have drilled the control holes before starting the carve. Did it hinder carving in any way? I suppose it's no big deal since I've seen carves with F holes. Shows my inexperience. What dye and concentration did you use, if I may ask? I look forward to seeing it finished!
  6. I've been messing with synths, sequencers and DAWs and am looking into trying this out. Not for the purist but I'd like to get this. I'm in no way affiliated or endorsing this outside of throwing it out there as an optional tool for guitarists that like to try something new.
  7. I like your burst. It has a nice shape, matching the body with a nice transition between colors. I think gold hardware might look very nice with this but either way I look forward to the finished product.
  8. A popular picture hosting site is Photobucket. Create an account, upload pics, then copy the links created by Photobucket to this site. You can either create a link to go to your pic or an img file to post the pic here.
  9. If you route your binding channel first you could see how much top material you have before going through it. You could leave the edge at 1mm thick and hide it with binding I would think and that would give you enough for a nice contour. Nothing PRS-like but it can still look great. *Sorry, I think I just repeated what's already been said.
  10. A passive attenuator in the effects loop may be an option. Something similar to this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Omnisonic-Tube-Amp-VOLUME-BOX-for-PEAVEY-Delta-Blues-Valveking-Classic-30-50-/140977980384?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20d2f143e0 For the volume jump issues (if I read that right), you can try out different tubes in the preamp stage (such as replacing a 12AX7 with a 12AY7) and replace the volume pot with an audio taper pot so you don't have that volume setting at 1 to low/ setting at 3 blows the windows out and yet still retain the sound you like. Some also play with different speakers as well. That may get you in over your head and more involved than you'd feel comfortable with and gets you into an area where many books have been written on the subject.
  11. Yes, I do. So I wait months and months to spray anything from guitars to motorcycle panels. Humidity, cold and bugs piss me off when spraying. I find my blood pressure stays lower if I wait till at least spring here in the PNW.
  12. I think bare toes violates the norms around here as we generally post feet with socks on. Occasionally flip flops or sandals.
  13. Tone is very subjective so I won't comment on how body wood affects tone but I have personally switched out pickups, resoldered wiring, leveled and dressed the frets and replaced the nut on my $350 Mexican strat and now the action and tone (the tone I like) is as good as my American Fender.
  14. My Sister with 4 kids of her own says there's no such thing as "catching up on sleep" for a couple years at least.
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