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  1. I'm guessing he is using water slide decal paper. I have some A4 sheets somewhere ... some are clear, some are white. You can print a logo (or any image) on it using a printer or photocopier; cut out your logo; immerse it in water; and the top very thin plastic sheet slides on to your headstock ... just like those temporary tattoos you could get as a kid. In my experience you need to shoot A LOT of clear over them to get the edges to disappear. One trick is to cut as close to the edge of your logo as possible so it's less obvious.
  2. 'Smoke On The Water' anyone?
  3. Australia is renowned for extreme weather patterns ... hell, our national anthem even refers to it. And I'm sure it must seem to you guys that upwards of 50% of our country is either flooded; hit by bush-fires; or in drought ... or all three at the same time! And that's probably true. But the great bulk of Australians live around the edge of the country ... no-one lives in the middle ... we don't even know if there is a middle; we've never bothered looking. 'Cos that's where 90% of the bad stuff occurs. But from time to time the other 10% of the bad stuff hits populated areas ... and so
  4. EXACTLY!! As I said, I've never understood this. I've seen it come up on other blogs and fora and it just messes with people's heads. Were the previous partners bigger / better / longer / stronger?? What number is low enough not to seem like a sleaze ... but high enough not to seem like a prude or momma's boy? I JUST DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!! Actually ... I don't plan on sleeping with anyone on this forum ... because the only one's of you vaguely close enough are Muzz and Perry ... and ... well ... Anyway ... You should all feel free to share your sleazy pasts i
  5. I've never understood discussing this stuff with 'the one you're with'. No good can ever come of it. I don't want to know ... and I don't tell. That was then ... this is now. But that's just me
  6. Queensland is our Arizona ... they ignore it too. We just finished Daylight Savings ... with an extra hour of sleep ... so I'm not complaining.
  7. That's the plan. Most of the recipes on the net are very similar to what I posted above ... so I guess it's time to experiment.
  8. I was reading a piece in the paper yesterday about Seasick Steve. I think this is the look I'm going to aim for. So far the voting is 7,685 against my beard and 3 for. My daughter is the only family member who doesn't hate it. Might be a bit incongruous with a suit and tie, but ...
  9. Yeah ... I'm going to have to experiment a little. Wes ... I've seen a few people suggest partially cooking the crust, but that isn't how the pizza places do it?? Nonetheless ... what, you put it in the oven for 5; slide the oven tray out and quickly throw the ingredients on; and slide it back in? Or do you take it out completely and close the oven so you don't lose heat; place the ingredients in a refined and leisurely manner; and return it to the oven? And 425(f) is very high heat ... 220© for us. But that's about where I had it. And John ... any clues on the dough/crust ... that's
  10. Why can't I get my pizza bases to turn out like restaurant pizzas?!? Maybe I didn't get the pizza stones hot enough??
  11. I'm going to boil some water now. And then I might go to the shops and buy some stuff to make pizza.
  12. I have a small bush out the front with wasps in it. Coupla times I was trimming it and because I was up so close, didn't see the wasps coming for me. Ouch!! So I just emptied a can of bug spray into it. I might stay indoors a while ...
  13. Had to drive one of my brothers to work yesterday and we exactly this conversation. He's going through some 'stuff' with his wife and he can't say anything to her without her responding: "You said X and I know that means Y". He quietly and consistently replies: "No ... I said X and I mean X". . . . I must be lucky ... I don't go through this sort of stuff with my wife. Some of my staff ... yes. My wife ... no.
  14. Of all the people on this Forum, I think I am the closest to Friday afternoon (it's 31 minutes away).
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