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  1. I saw the diagram you linked to, but I am confused. Why would I need two? I am only looking to cut the volume of the neck some when the switch is in the middle. I figured I could wire the trim pot (again the trim pot would be in the cavity, set and forget) between the lug that the hot wire from the pickup comes into and the one that is the contact when the (three way lever) switch is in the middle. I am pretty sure this is what I'm looking for in form (not necessarily value), but I want to confirm the value. The 500k (matching my volume) seems to make sense, I guess I could use 250 or 100 depending on the tone I was looking for form that P/U in that position. http://www.alliedelec.com/Search/ProductDe...EARCH=&MPN=
  2. Hello All, I'm wanting to affect the "mix" of the neck and bridge humbuckers in the middle position (more bridge, less neck). I have decided that the best move would be to wire up a trim pot internally, as I don't plan to change the mix once I've got it right. I would imagine this is a fairly common thing, but after a few searches, I haven't found this specific info on the forum. My question is this: What value pot should I use, and what are some good suppliers to get one from?
  3. Wes, thanks for that last comment and the links for the sweep vids. I had a good time watching. I think old dude sweepmaster takes himself pretty seriously. He clearly has skills, but no smiles. I saw a vid like that with Joe Stump a while back, and he was cracking up after he finished. No real criticism for the sweepmaster, but just based on the Stump vid I half expected him to crack up when he was done.
  4. Hey Wes, which vid is it with the cool sweep picking? It wasn't immediately obvious to me as I scrolled through. As to the speed of this guy, I see plenty of denegration going on. If speed isn't important to you, that's cool, plenty of good non-speedy guitar playing I've come across in my time, and I wouldn't ever say that something is boring OR bad simply because "it's not fast enough". On the same token, I prefer the speedy stuff, and this IS fast. Could his left hand keep up? Maybe, with enough practice, he probably would have done it if he could have right now on that video, but I think he was putting this out as a "whatcha got?" to other folks simply based on the right hand speed. All that being said, I'm impressed simply becuase it IS fast and I couldn't do it.
  5. Makes total sense. That was more than awesome, thanks! I did already get the blend(through Allparts), so I'll have to go after a megaswitch. I really appreciate the time you invested in your answer. It was really thoughtful and helped tremendously. One last quick question; where would be the best place to find said three position "super switch". I can find the five position easily enough, but could not find a three position even with allparts. Might I be stuck with using a five position?
  6. So... what kind of 3-way switch are we talking about? The Tele or the Gibson kind? Tele/blade
  7. I've been thinking about rewiring my guitar with a three way switch blend pot combo. I've got two humbuckers. I'm sure everyone is thinking, well, just use the blend pot. Here is why I "can't" do it that way. I'm an old shredhead from the late eighties. I want the three way to slam to the neck pickup for some sweeping, and then slam back to the bridge for alternate picking stuff. If I'm playing with both pickups for some rhythm stuff, I want something other than the 50/50 blend of the middle position on the switch. I might want a little more bridge on this part, a little more neck on this one, etc. Could this be done, and how?
  8. For me, at least at the moment, I'm prefering hum-hum: Bridge: Dimarzio Tone Zone Neck: Dimarzio Air Norton Master volume, tone with treble bleed, three way blade with blend knob in middle position I'd love to hear other folks flavors of the month/year. Let the games begin!
  9. The 24.75" scale length means that your strings are at less tension to create the same pitch vs. a 25.5" scale guitar such as a Fender, Ibanez, etc. I would think it best to go on the heavier end of gauges mentioned. I think .11s should be fine. If you had a 25.5" scale length you might be okay with .10s.
  10. I would suggest a Bogner Metropolis. 30 watt, built in reverb, and a 1x12 combo. The Schizo control will allow you to go from perfectly clean to pretty mean with multiple settings in between. Fairly expensive though.
  11. Well, I'd be willing to pay a few bucks extra above and beyond the cost of Duncans/Dimarzios for something like a Miracle Man set. Why not just go buy a Miracle Man set then? They're more than a few bucks beyond Duncans/Dimazios. Cheapest I could find was in the $130 range. I would be willing to go say, $110/$115.
  12. Wes, two things. One, get an ISP Decimator. It will solve all your noise problems. Nothing else works. The Prorack-G WILL work and you can keep the JSX. If you're not wanting to make that big of an investment in noise reduction, best tube gain pedal is the Vox Cooltron Bulldog. Plenty of gain if you're mixing it with the Mode 4. If you're going without the Mode 4, maybe a Rocktron Silver Dragon. Got one I'll sell you cheap if you think you might want to give it a shot. Ever thought about an Engl Powerball?
  13. I know you're happy, and probably don't want to go through further gear gyrations at this point, but have you ever tried a Carvin V3? I've listened to the stuff on-line which is hardly telling, but it DID intrigue me. Carvin has their cool ten day trial deal. I don't know, seems worth a shot. I've got a Boss RV-3 or 5 sitting around unused. I can sell it pretty cheap. It's in good, but not perfect shape and, obviously, works perfectly, or I wouldn't even mention it. I'll PM when I get home tonight and check it out. Have the instruction booklet and the whole deal.
  14. Sad development; I'm sure he made the move mostly for cash. He is really the only worthwhile player the Eagles have. Some year, after rugby catches on in America (sadly, after the girlie sport of soccer will catch on it seems) we might even get to a world cup semi.
  15. Right, but no overdrive/distortion. If I wanted to create a two guitar player situation (play a overdriven/distorted riff and loop it, while I solo over the top) I'd be hosed. I think I've solved this, anyway. I don't think I can hurt the looper with the signal coming out of the Intellifex, and I can even out levels and amp things up with the MX400 mixer from Behringer. It should be perfect. Thanks for taking the time to throw out your ideas. They definitely got me thinking with some different approaches to solving this problem. I have one more question for you. Does Dan Lyle still play for Bath?
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