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  1. I have gotten a good bit done but just haven't gotten around to posting pictures and what not. I have all my inlays cut and ready to install but, I can't seem to decide on the best glueing method. I've poked around here and some other forums online and found a lot of options but no real consensus. Can anyone give me their opinion on what would be the best method? Epoxy + black art store pigment Epoxy + ebony dust Epoxy + india ink Testors model cement + black art store pigment Testors + ebony dust something else? also should i glue the MOP in and fill with on of the above combos or would it be better to use the mix as both the glue and let it just fill in the spaces? If anyone could she some light on this or point me in the direction of some info that'd be great! I should have some more pictures up soon.
  2. I've made a mock up render of what I'm going for. I'm thinking I want a Tobacco Burst right now, but that pretty far in the future. Also, christmas in march! I got a box from stew mac today with some of the parts. I'm going to get some work done tomorrow and Hope that I can get the top pieces planned and joined and the scarf joint cut and glued up. I'll post some pictures in the next few days.
  3. If I'm not mistaken I think he chucked the original plywood body and made that one himself.
  4. I just have a quick question about how the body thickness affects what type of Trem or if any you chose...I'm making a prs style ashe body guitar and am trying to chose a bridge/tailpeice and wanted to know if i can have an obscure body thickness and still use a tremelo. Thanks!
  5. I GOT MY WOOD!....well most of it. I worked at the funature maker for a day a few weeks ago and earned a huge pieve of mohagany 8'x14"x2". it seems like a great piece no knots cracks or anything. Its very heavy though. heres some pics of it. look at the close up is it just me or does it look kinda flamed? i dont even know if thats possible haha so i'm just talking from my extreeeemly small knowlege of wood tell me what you think. I still need to find the maple top i dont really wany anything to fancy and i plan on ording a pre sloted ebony fret board from stew mac. Here the pics: http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n34/feildc/P1010915.jpg http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n34/feildc/P1010917.jpg http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n34/feildc/P1010916.jpg
  6. Hey thanks for all the great feedback. I think my huge "Screw In" like neck pocket threw everone off in the drawing i put it i'm def planning a skinnier tennon that will most likley lead into the bridge pickup. What does everyone think about the top thickness. I was thinking about it yesterday. Im thinking i stick with the 1/4" maple top bust then where the cavitys are on the main body i rout mirror ones into the top 1/8" so that its not awkwardli think around the f holes. or maybe its just easier to make the whole top somthing like an eighth ( just estimating a number for now feel free to make any recomendations).
  7. Hey everyone. First of all thanks for posting all this great information for everyone, I've really enjoyed reading it and keeping up with the projects over the last few months. After fooling around and trying my hand at guitar making on a first tester guitar I decided it was time to start on something real and hopefully end up with a guitar I'm really proud of. I've done alot of reading on here and yesterday I bought the book "Make your own electic guitar" so i feel like i've got a good idea of where to start and where I'm going but I will most definatly need alot of help along the way. I've Had alot of time to think about all the things that I want so im just gonna go ahead and kinda list out what im thinking. (I'm also a awful speller so cut me some slack) - my inpiration if you wanna call it that is trey anastasio's guitar http://www.phish.net/gfx/gwcover.jpg - for the shape i wanna go pretty close to a standard stratocaster - i wanna go with just a flat top with binding around the top edge ( I don't really want to have to worry about carving the top) - for woods I think i can get my hands on some mahogany and i want to do a maple top. for the top i think im gonna have to buy a piece which i donno the best way to go about if anyone knows of any good web sites or what kinda places would sell it around town - Im thinking for the neck also mahogany with rosewood fretboard also bound - I want it set up kinda like a les paul: two humbuckers same kinda tunomatic bridge but probably just a volume tone and switch - also i think it would really be cool for it to be semi hollow with two f holes. (depending on how hard this is i might just go with a normal top. I drew this up in Sketch Up. Its kinda what im going for. Its not to scale or exact or anything just a sketch -I want to do a set neck. some questions come to mind about the neck angle since i want to go with the tunomatic but ill tacle those later. -As far as thickness im not too sure and i think its one of the first things i need to get figured out. So heres what im thinking I'm prettty sure I want an overall thickness of 1 3/4" so at first i was like great 1 1/2" mahogany and 1/4" Maple top. but then if i go simi hollow the top might be awful thick. I'm sure I left out ALOT but I'll remember it later on. NONE of this is set in stone and I really wanna hear what everyone thinks and any recomendations or ideas.
  8. What I'm trying to do is wire 2 single coil pickups together into a humbuckerish deal along with a volume tone and input. I found this diagram online and it seemed to be what I'm looking for but I've got it all wired up and it doesn't work . Well it mostly doesn't work the volume works but the pick ups aren't...well picking anything up. I'm thinking my problem might be in how I've got the 2 singles wired together. Or maybe my grounding which I've grounded to the metal shell of the volume and tone. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or diagrams that might help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding what I've done so far. thanks.
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