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  1. I'm upgrading my guitar with a floyd rose. I have been searching for a template for a while now. I don't have the patience to buy one of stew mac then wait for a week....so I wanted to "burrow" a template that someone may have. I will be making this template tomorrow, so the sooner the help the better. I don't want to recess the FR either. I'm new to this so if you could post any related info, that would help a lot too. Any problems you met on the way that I should avoid...any help at all will be very much appreciated.
  2. Thank you. Could I use this "clone" for a year without substantial wear? When does the wear really start effecting tuning? And when I get a real fr, will it just be a "quick" switch, or will I have to route a bit more?
  3. Thank you everybody for your opinions.....Odds are I will probably end up buying a real one very soon-but-as of now this is all my budget will allow. Now, if you would so kindly refer to my first post...I WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE HAS EVER USED THEM BEFORE, AND IF YOU HAVE, ARE THEY ANY GOOD.....notice the first part of this sentence....."IF ANYONE HAS USED THEM".....now refer to the middle section....."AND IF YOU HAVE"....... Once again, thank you for your opinions. I realize that I will be buying a floyd rose system that is not up to as high of a standard as the originals. What I was ask
  4. I'm going to try the chinese ripoff. I'm limited for money, so $35 total is the perfect price for me.
  5. The guitar i built has a big problem with intonation....I set the bridge at 25 inches, so the intonation is way off. I can still play it, but I want to install a Floyd Rose bridge. I will set it at the appropriate distance from the nut this time. I dont have much money, so I looked on Ebay for some good deals. There are some FR bridges from hong kong (obviously clones), there are $45 with shipping. I WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE HAS EVER USED THEM BEFORE, AND IF YOU HAVE, ARE THEY ANY GOOD? And, could I just install the locking nut on an ordinary neck?
  6. Nope haven't polished it yet. I will be tomorrow night. Thank you for telling me that, the wet sanding removed some of them, and after the polishing-they should all be gone.
  7. I was once asleep in a new house. I was woken up around 3 something, by the creaking of my door. I heard someone walking into my room with boots on (I lived in a finished basement with tile floors). I remember looking at the clock and my eyes had such a heavy feeling. The "person" walked to about 8 feet in front of my bed. I couldn't see anything at all (dark basement). He spoke in, what I thought, german. I have no idea what exactly he said, but after hearing him I told him "Dude, you have to be quiet, my parents are sleeping upstairs.". I then put my head down and heard the footsteps walk ba
  8. Sorry about putting this in the wrong section. Strangely enough, this paint does dry quickly and hard too. I've been able to sand after 30 minutes drying time. Even weirder, the temperature here hasn't even gone above 15C....and everything works nicely. I've painted with enamels before, and the result was that soft finish that gets messed up after sanding. And, WIG, I just went to duplicolor's website and they revamped the engine enamel. And after googling sanding engine enamel, I found out lots of people give it a lite sanding to have a better finish.....lite as in 2000 grit. Whic
  9. Have you ever tried using this paint? They aren't tint scratches.
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