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  1. F=1/2πRC F is frequency R is resistance C is capacitance and obviously π is approx 3.14 for arguments sake. the tone pot has no bearing on the the freq curve. its a parallel circuit with the volume pot the tone pot is just a balance pot between affected signal and non affected signal something to understand is the freq of the guitar itself original tone circuits were designed for a much cruder amplifier design. with so many options in amplifiers now we can attenuate anything now we don't need a roll off that low. 500k pot and a .022uf cap is 15.9hz think about that the freq roll off is l
  2. i only found one useful scenario in which i utilized diodes in a switching circuit inside a guitar. about a year later i found a way to modify the switch to my needs. general consensus is they make special switches and what they say here is accurate its not the way to go, however you are on the right track.
  3. long work week, just got time to post about it. its going well i documented the disassembly process. its completely disassembled now, and i am fixing to start the cutting proccess. will keep you updated and then i will upload vid
  4. ok was loooking at this. its a standard five way wiring diagram. all of them are in paralel on a strat anyway. so yeah wire it normal but have the neck pos on a switch like you said. i mean you described it perfectly. you could use a four way as well but since your putting the neck through an on off switch anyway your looking at just basic fender duncan or anything else on the blade switch. the biggest problem is quite simply do you have enough room for five pots and four toggle switches. thats nine controls not counting the blade switch. but yeah its not a difficult wiring. but the real ques
  5. Photos it is, my roomie us going to video all of it. I will grab some good pics off of it. I hour this switch is as easy as my other one. They quit making the carvin one I use to use. Will find out tonight if it came
  6. switch should be here thursday. i will probably make a tutorial if anyone is interested
  7. i found one but it was boogered up so i ordered one. i need a new six way anyway so they should be here in a couple of days. i tried to get a real fender blackmoore switch but no luck
  8. shoot man i am off this weekend for my birthday if i still have it you can have it.
  9. i might have one of the switches here at the shop. how soon you need it
  10. i have not seen any thing like this, however i have modded many switches to do similar. the older carvin five way switches were easy enough to drill out and sturdy enough to put a mini bolt and nut on it to hold it together. i always went more positions made a six way. but you could do less with ease.
  11. if you think about it ie the pickup design it makes an interesting generator design. well its already been done but it is interesting. instead of moving coil, or moving magnet, a moving field...... just saying. as far as the pickup goes try playing with mu metal to shape the field.
  12. you can use diy solder wick. i strip out old tvs for high voltage parts and then grind the boards for perf. well at least when i had time. the grounding strap on most older tvs the cathode ray kind was a silver? or platinum? braided wire it works quite well.
  13. i have a specific booster for then duncan jazz neck pickup on my bez. it is only kicked in on the neck position only to help bring a little more slam to the amplifier with the same sound as the jazz.
  14. for this guitar i am not sure exactly i typically do rock to metal fusion weirdness. i am just unsure of the tonal aspect of the walnut. i didn't want to do a bunch of rewiring on this as its going to be a set it and forget it when its done. like my brian moore but with a bit more flex. the moore is using a jb bridge and a jazz neck with special wiring and middle position is piezo pickups only. but it is also midi and doesn;t have a floyd. so not quite the same sounds as that one i know what i like in mahogany.
  15. thank y0u all i am looking into all your suggestions, i am actually making a chart. so far i am leaning towards the paf. but i am thinking i might find something that is pretty hot and all down the middle like bmt 666 or something of that nature so i can see what i am getting into. i usually use a jb or a tone zone in the bridge, but i thought i would try something a little different on this one. yeah i got the joke on the pickups being slanted, it was a very good time while i was at work, i showed my buddy who is a guitarist as well and he laughed. i didn't realize the extreme angle w
  16. so i have been winding my own pickups, and well i have some prototypes but i am unsure what i want to put in the bridge of this guitar. its a very light piece of walnut with a wendge strip. the body is a scaled up version of my peavy vandenberg with an ibanez neck on it. so its a 25.5" scale. i am awaiting the copper from china now to finish the base wiring. any thoughts as i have zero experience with walnut ps i posted this here since i am asking about electronics, i hope that is appropriate.
  17. where are you located at? most scrap yards will let you have one for free if you ask nicely. many restaurants have broken down equipment in the store. refrigeration is the no. one thing that goes down in a kitchen. most of the time its not the compressor. but if it is a simple rebuild is quite easy with the youtube videos online.
  18. dude i dig it. +5 definitely on the scaling up i had a gent build me a vandenberg slightly larger since i used an ibanez neck on it.
  19. quick question why not re-purpose a fridge compressor? there are plenty of people online who have done this.
  20. i use ziplock bags for stuff so it won't clang around. and i found a source on ebay for these tackle boxes made by spider? i think its fishing line maker. its decently big and with large removable dividers i keep pickups in one and tuning keys and bridges in another.
  21. does it have to be white? i do have a black bridge one. i might be willing to part with.
  22. If the switch is the issue. Low voltage Mercury wetted relays are cheap. So is a comparator and a standard lp switch. St the end if the day is probably easier to roll your own though. Like I did on my custom six way strat switch
  23. well I understand which is quite rare. but I don't understand why you don't think it could be done that way see if that's how the les paul is wired. I mean we're subbing out single coils for hun buckers other than that. hell just go down to your local switchh shop they have stuff like this all the time.
  24. are all these pickups active??? if so then its not really a problem the old three pickup lespaul black beautys had a special switch in them that gave you bridge, bridge and middle and neck as the three options. check out the wiring diagram for the three pickup lespauls and you will see what i mean. ciao hope that helps
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