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  1. Hi What is the correct length for a gotoh double action style trussrod ? I was thinking that it should be from the nut to the neck joint ( in this case the 19th fret) . But I've seen lots of photos where the rod extends into the guitar body. Is my trussrod OK ? Thanks Richard
  2. Thanks for the tips guys I'll keep on practicing !
  3. Thanks for thr Reply I'm using a no5 jack plane . Found some info on setting it up ( an article from Fine Woodworking ) and I think its cutting OK. The shooting board idea seems good the parts I'm not happy with are generaly where a slight rounding over has occured I can see how it would work for the neck blank, which is norrower than the plane - how do you use it for the body blank, which is wider than the plane ? Also do you lay the plane on its side on the board ,or clamp the board against the wood and use the plane normaly ? Thanks
  4. Hi I've got my plane good and sharp but am not 100% satisfied with the results I'm getting when I try to joint my body and neck blanks. I've tried searching for a tutorial but so far have only come across one for thicknessing . Anyone got any good tips or can point me in the right direction with a link please ? Thanks a lot
  5. Hi I'm gonna build a copy of a gibson firebird VII - but I haven't been able to get hold of any plans. The best I've found is a template / outline drawing . So basicaly I need the following info. : Thickness of the "wings"? Thickness of the central body section? Width of the central body section? Is there a step between the central section and the wings front and back or only on the front of the guitar? I hope someone can help me out Thanks in advance for your help
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