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  1. Thanks for the answers- I guess practical over looks always wins!
  2. stable enough to use for a neck? I've read somewhere that it may not be. It would be too bad as it makes a fantastic looking neck. Thanks
  3. Hi- I've gotten around to working on a couple of necks for bodies that have been calling me to start! I have wonderful guitars store bought, finished in nito, poly, tru oil, etc. I find that I like the satin finish that Mighty Mite and another company use on their necks. I polish it up a bit, and it's smooth and wonderful. Does anyone know what kind of finish they use? If I can find out I will order unfinished necks, add color and finish them off with that finish. I used to have a wonderful Melancon I had to sell due to finances, and it had a finish a bit similar. My sweat makes nitro gum up q
  4. Thanks, I'll give that a try. So much to learn!
  5. Does anyone know if a wipe on Home Depot stain would get you here?
  6. Thanks- Great idea. I think I have to register first. I'll post some pics as things progress.
  7. I just picked up a beautiful T-thinline body that I'd love to hand wipe a butterscotch translucent finish. Does anyone have a favorite product they'd use for this? Thanks Much!
  8. I'm almost done finding out and have found a supplier with both the 3M and competing Dura Gold line
  9. Does anyone know the color=grit relationships? I love using the scotch pads but would like to know the grits before I pop for a few boxes. Thanks
  10. Sorry, but I have limited (no) machine skills and big dreams. What is the difference between a resaw and band saw? Ease of multiple cuts? Or does a properly tuned bandsaw work for an occasional bookmatching? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the responses! I guess I mean bringing out the redish/carmel overtones colors in the wood, not the figure, mine is that nice banding. Maybe a redish shellac will fit the bill. I'm relly grateful to have found this forum and all of the help you guys offer.
  12. Thanks for the reply Wez. I was looking at Walnut bodies and found this Turner which has quite alot of highlights. I know it's a different cut of wood, but wonder would it do good for this body?
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