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  1. How much shallower is going to be a question you have to answer for yourself. Draw out the side view with the string height and the pickup locations, and the body thicknes. Use the actual dimension for the height of the pickups, if you have the pickups great, if not a lot of them can be gotten online from the manufacturer. Give yourself some room for adjustment, but this should get you pretty much right where you need.

    If you are using a tremolo bridge with a thin body your cavities might go through to your spring cavity, so this is something to plan for. You might need to do a rear mounted routing. You route out a rectangle in the back, and a small rectangle in the front for the pickup to go through. Then drill two holes to mount the pickups through. Works similar to a pickup ring, without actually using a ring.

    For top mounted the block of foam will work just fine as long as it is thick enough.

    No trem on this one, it will be strung through the body though. I will play it by ear, its only in the planning stages as of right now. Thanks for the help!

  2. Yea, that's pretty much it. You can still use rubber tubing or springs for height adjustment. Also, you'll need to route the cavity shallower than normal, but you have it right. Oh... make sure you use wood screws.

    The body of the guitar was going to be relatively thin anyways, its solid mahogany, and would weigh a ton otherwise. How much shallower would you recommend?

    I was thinking of cutting a square of foam and using that underneath the pickup? good/bad idea?

  3. Hi,

    I'm new at this, but the design i have drawn up for a v style guitar doesnt have room for pickup rings around the dual humbuckers.

    What I'm asking, is how would you go about routing/mounting for pickups like this:


    Would you just route the sides of the pickup where the screw is, and then use a very short screw at the bottom to avoid going through the back of the guitar?

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