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  1. If you aren't wanting to go with EMG, I think I'd look at some SD Basslines, or even Bartolinis.
  2. Guitar --> Effects --> Amp --> Air --> Macbook built-in mic --> Whatever recording software I'm using ;-)
  3. MM pickups are passive. The electronics are the only active parts.
  4. Stop being cheap and invest in a set of Dunlop Strap-Loks. They are WELL worth the money, believe me.
  5. Its a reflection from the rag its sitting on.
  6. In my experience, the neck wood gives the most impact when it comes to a guitar's tone, especially if it is a neckthru. Chances are, even if silver maple isn't a good tone wood, it won't make much of a difference in a neckthru. That's just my opinion based on my observations. BTW, I hope the saw mill you are getting your wood from has a kiln, or the wood has been sufficiently air-dried. Otherwise, you will have to dry it yourself (IIRC, 1 year per inch of wood thickness).
  7. ...active pickups and active PREAMPS are two different things. Retrofitting an active preamp to a guitar with passive pickups does not make the pickups active. EMGs, as crafty noted, have preamp components built into the pickup itself. The pickups are much lower output and have fewer windings than passive pickups. As far as I can tell, all Carvin pickups are PASSIVE. The only active components they offer are preamps.
  8. Yikes, thats not good at all. Try some new batteries. I know mine will give funky readings when the batteries are running low.
  9. *waits for someone who actually knows about Satanism (such as myself) to chime in to point out the fallacy of such a comment* So, lovely weather today, eh?
  10. Ricks do indeed have two truss rods.
  11. Is any Squier (especially a 1997 model) worth nearly $700 USD? I don't know how much MIJ Fenders go for, but thats getting up into American Fender territory.
  12. I would say anywhere between 1/16" and 1/8" would be a good start. Your son really won't know if that is enough until after the instrument is completed, so its difficult to say what is too much and what is not enough. Its amazing how such a small difference in neck width can make such a huge difference in feel.
  13. I disagree, it only takes a few attempts to get the etching process down. PCBs are a heck of a lot easier to build on, plus its a LOT easier if you need to switch out a part.
  14. Simple test. If a magnet sticks to it, it will shield the strings from the magnetic field of the driver. If it doesn't (like pickup covers), then it won't. As long as the cover isn't magnetic, you shouldn't need to ground it. I could be wrong, though. If all else fails, use trial and error to determine whether you need to ground it.
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