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  1. Done. And as for advice on women, hah! I wish I were in a situation where I could advise anyone on that regard.
  2. Toiling in college, of course.
  3. Really? I haven't even logged on to the forums in nearly a year, haha.
  4. I'm back! Anyone remember me?
  5. If you aren't wanting to go with EMG, I think I'd look at some SD Basslines, or even Bartolinis.
  6. You know what I really dislike about Guitar Hero? Its not that its a game about playing guitar. Its all the "fanbois" who are like, "OMGZ! GEETAR HERO IS AWESOME! IT'S JUST LIKE PLAYING GUITAR FOR REALZ!" No, its not.
  7. Guitar --> Effects --> Amp --> Air --> Macbook built-in mic --> Whatever recording software I'm using ;-)
  8. MM pickups are passive. The electronics are the only active parts.
  9. I guess I just don't feel like I need to compensate for anything by driving a particular car. *hops into his Ford Taurus Stationwagon* *realizes he uses too many of these * * things to denote an imaginary action* (Just joshin' ya, btw, although I really do think the world needs to embrace more fuel efficient cars and drop the whole "I can afford it right now, I don't care what will happen in the future" attitude.)
  10. Has anyone else noticed that the tutorial is a rip off the overdubbed John Petrucci videos on YouTube?
  11. You can patent processes. If I were you, I'd try to get a hold of the company that makes the product you use and see if you can find out its ingredients. You could also probably find an MSDS data sheet on the internet for the product you use (www.msds.com). From there, you could see if you can get the individual ingredients and see if you can determine which one is actually relevant in your process.
  12. As said before, a public defender or whatever the Canadian equivalent is. If you need any more information, here is a page a found in 5 minutes dealing with Canadian law and the right to counsel. http://canada.lawyers.com/lawyers/A~102287...TO+COUNSEL.html These may also be of some use: http://canada.lawyers.com/lawyers/A%7E1022...ALLEGATION.html http://canada.lawyers.com/lawyers/A%7E1022...VING+CASES.html
  13. If you are gonna be so pissy about it, why don't you get a REAL legal consult, rather than trying to get some advice from a bunch of strangers on a guitar forum (crafty excluded, of course, since it is his profession). Seriously, what DID you expect?
  14. Stop being cheap and invest in a set of Dunlop Strap-Loks. They are WELL worth the money, believe me.
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