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  1. drak, what does Northern ash sound like?(I'm assuming you've worked with it before..) I saw some beautiful straight grain-- quarter sawn stuff at the lumber yard and was wondering whether itll sound too brittle and bright as people describe it. Is that why you chambered it, or is that because of the weight?
  2. using your plunger and some drano and a little know how--- 10 dollars hair cut--10 dollars computer under warranty buy cabinet from store or go to home depot. people use carpenters for houses. Man if i knew you had apprenticed so much mate perhaps you should start charging $450 for a refret. $780 for a pickup change i'm not questioning your skills, but in reality ive developed for a distaste for those particular people in the guitar selling/repair business who assume they are gods' gift to the player. With age they get bitter and arrogant; listening to their eagles. Especially
  3. imo way too many guitar businesses these days in all their various facets and service: repairs, selling products, etc...overcharge. Its a shame seeing kids walking in with the little money they got saved up and buying overmarked high priced items--they dont need. (In these so called 'sales' of the century that pop up every 2 months.) Yes maybe repairs is tedious and wiring is a precise job to get it done right, but cmon. Some guitar techs and repair guys charge like they are surgeons.
  4. ok this is a fender standard strat in midnight wine (made in mexico) that needs some work done to it. it is upgraded with 3 fender vintage noiseless pickups but needs work in terms of shielding, grounding, adjustments and addition of screws. if you just want the pickups prewired onto the pickguard i can sell u that for 75 dollars the neck 75 dollars or everything for 150. plus shipping i ship to U.s.a.
  5. will it help if i post a pic!!!
  6. hahaha i created the 666 topic, im screwed!
  7. hey this is a dude i know, and i think hes awesome imo so people check this out musci samples arpegios in there and very good technique.
  8. name ur price, all reasonable offers will not be refused!
  9. Yo people i have a set of three "fender vintage noisless pickups" prewired onto a white pickguard, with 1 meg pots, and a 5 way switch. if your doing a project and need some nice mellow pickups to get bell-like strat tone, this is your chance. im willing to negotiate and ill give a really good deal people! so post in this thread or pm me!!!! ive sold something to litch on this forum before. sending in america only( i have nothing against any country, just dont want to burden the sale with high shipping costs) this is the same set used in the clapton sig.(no boost system tho
  10. moonshine wangmaster leroy leon shaqocaster the guitar formerly known as the stratocaster
  11. im not sure if this has been posted but it gives a tutorial on building an acoustic and some other stringed instruments...you guys probably already have seen this though. DIY info i thought the steps given on the acoustic building process was cool.
  12. my technique, a few beers, maybe some jack daniels(which i cant get!one more year) my old six string and then i explore my mind for rythym and blues.
  13. What are some words of advice, specific or general, that you would give to newbies interesting in building guitars/basses can heed and avoid in their building experiences. mine would be 1. never spray paint near or around a purous concrete ground 2. buy one tool at a time and learn how to use it properly 3. dont cut corners with safety. (i.e. not clamping properly) ps im at school and will start in the summer really building but i tried a year ago and needed time to rethink my strategy
  14. I dont knwo about the quality of the guitar but what do you think about the painted picture on this guitar here. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...bayphotohosting
  15. Let me start by saying i have not personally played either one, but i hope this helps you out br0! http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/Data.../RG220B-01.html http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/Data...z/RG320-01.html i find this site really helpful. Its got tons of reviews of almost every guitar ever made,(excpet most of the ones made here) and a lot of reviews on pickups!
  16. "mozart's piano concertos and etudes blew everyone elses away" CHOPIN TOO?
  17. not one of the composers you listed comes close to bach, or beethoven! Stravinsky is ok, but not one of my favorite, and Gershwin aint even in the running.Peter and the Wolf is a nice peice but is it at the same level as say the brandenburg concertos? You listed mainly later/more modern composers, than the ones i listed, but i guess it comes down to preference and what constitutes the "golden age" of classical music. Not attacking you just trying to debate
  18. reply, respond, if you vote other put down who you think; but be serious, as much as i respect the genious of Zeppelin's kashmir im talking classical not classic rock.
  19. imo, beethoven is superior to Mozart in terms of reaching the human ear and the creation of powerful emotional movements. the mere fact that someone can recognize Beethoven's fifth symphon based on "dadadada...)or something like that speaks to the genious of Ludwig. Maybe you can do that with Mozart's "eine kleine nacht" but thats probably it. And i feel his 9th symphony is his best, and probably the greatest composition ever written in the history of man. No exageration Ps dont write about malmsteen or vai,(as good as they are) speed metal symphony and all that newclassical st
  20. lex, you should become like a woodshop teacher in a community college, or high school. I think with your talent in luthiery, it would be the perfect job. Get a teaching credential in something, and then also, teach a woodshop class.
  21. Is anyone interested in trading a classical/nylon guitar for something.
  22. this was an intelligence question, and everyone failed miserably. the key was YOUR STRANDED ON A DESSERT ISLAND, with the wangcaster you can signal for help. or use the wangcasters alder body as a boat.
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