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  1. I was cleaning my shop and found 8 Stewmac fingerboard band clamps in decent condition. $20 shipped and paypalled for all Like these http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tools/Clamps,_support_tools/Fingerboard_Band_Clamp.html?
  2. hey guys, I'm selling the last of my fretting tools. I have an auction up on ebay for $175 but I'll sell them to a member here for $150. That's 1/2 of what they would cost new from Stew Mac. I'm not breaking up the lot though. Here's a link to the auction http://www.ebay.com/itm/330977013680
  3. I've got 2. one Original Floyd in Gold and 1 Schaller Floyd in Gold as well
  4. I was going to finish it clear with a very light smoke burst on the egdes. It looks great keep it up
  5. I'm not in a position to be building anymore so I'm selling off what's left here in the shop Items for Sale
  6. I use either my PRS Hollowbody 1 or my PRS Custom 22 Soapbar into the JTM Module of my Randall RM100...with a Fulltone Fulldrive II to goose it a little
  7. Get a Looper to get some of those pedals out of the signal chain when you're not using them. your tone will thank you for it
  8. They had "good' beer. I was drinking Blue Moon Belgian White ale all day. the coors light was for the girls I'll try to give you an idea of the players. 1 the heavy guy is Johnny Hiland who is also Blind-killer player. he can go from Chicken Picken to shred in a heartbeat 2. the Older gentelman playing the Red PRS 513 model is Dan Toler from the Allman Brothers Band. 3 the guy with the grey Goatee is Derek St. Holmes from Ted Nugents band. Miles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti from Creed/AlterBridge were there as was the guitarist from American Idol and Prince as well I'm the guy with t
  9. I have some from Day 2 mostly Factory tour photos though
  10. Photos from Day one of the PRS Experience Enjoy the Photos
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