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  1. Man, I come back here twice after a long long time away and both times I find news of a PG regular passing on.. So sad, so sad. My most sincere condolences to the family and loved ones.. Sigh.
  2. Wow.. It's been a long, long time since I've been back here.. Here's my little contribution.. For those interested in DIY effects: GeoFex Aron's Stompbox Page General Guitar Gadgets Tonepad +1 for DGB Studio, by the way.. Awesome site...
  3. Having mucked about with LEDs while experimenting with effects pedals, I can suggest using a trimpot or the like to control the voltage to your LEDs.. That way, you can go for a bright one and then subsequently limit the brightness by using the trimpot as a sort of dimmer.. mcd is a unit of brightness?? Not 100% sure but I kinda recall that it is.. A candela or something like that..
  4. Heheh.. Oops.. Sorry!! May the grace of the mods be upon me..
  5. GuitarShredShow.. Not sure if this has been posted before, but I had a reeeaal good laugh on this one.. Check out the "Mountain of the Tapping Dwarves" part and go to the 'Jam' bit.. Kind of a little game there..
  6. That's EM interference you're picking up.. The Jewish songs, I mean.. Not too sure about the screaming.. Anyways, I think it's because of the container you're using.. Nice idea, but it doesn't provide adequate shielding.. 2 ways you could fix this: 1) get a metal casing (expensive) or, 2) line the inside of the container with aluminium foil.. Just make sure that the foil is electrically 'continuous'.. Unless I'm mistaken, that should help cut out the Jewish radio stations..
  7. If it's just swapping out the stock pickup for a new one, it should be quite simple, especially since you already know how to use a soldering iron.. Plus, you'll be learning something new.. If you know how to read those wiring diagrams off the various sites (the Fender site has their stock wiring diagrams), all you need to do is just follow the instructions and you should be set.. Just remember to use a flux cored solder and to make sure your iron's not too powerful.. I'm using a 40W iron and, if I'm not wrong, that's already a little on the high side.. Good luck!!
  8. Yeps.. Optimising it would be a good idea.. Thumbnails would be a way of making the main page pictures even smaller and more load-able.. These could open up to a bigger picture on clicking and would make the loading of the main tutorial a lot faster.. Not sure what that would do for the bandwidth, though.. Regarding the buttons, how's about a little stroke around the text? Or like an outer glow with black and blend mode on multiply? Something to make it stand out a little bit more.. Making the font larger was a big improvement in the readability though, to my eyes, the tops of the text sti
  9. Whoa... Looks like I joined the party a little late.. Anyways, if anyone needs any electronics tutorials from me, I'll be glad to help out.. There's always been a ton of great finishing and general building tutorials around PG but not as many on electronics (at least the pinned ones).. I'm also almost afraid to bring this up but I have some limited experience with Flash if you're interested (though I'm sure there're better qualified 'flashers' out there???).. Just some thoughts I had on this, I learnt almost everything I know about guitar building from generous people on this site who
  10. With regard to the string changing, I almost always remove all the strings when I re-string.. Never had problems with the truss rod.. The only time you may have to adjust the truss rod would be when you change string gauge.. As for the Strat style tremolo, it'll save you quite a bit of annoyance if you tune the strings from the centre out.. In other words, D G A B E e.. Theoretically, building up the tension from the centre would let the string tension act evenly on the trem.. This works especially well for Floyd Rose trems and the like..
  11. Yeah, I usually tape it up with the electrical tape.. Of course, you've got to have a wire running from the shield to star.. Like Lovekraft said, it's to prevent the star from coming into contact with something else..
  12. Well, I suppose you could use the push/pull as a volume on/off.. The tone could be push for tone on 10, pull for tone on 1 or something like that.. I don't see that as very useful, though, given the sort of electronic trickery you could potentially pull with a push/pull pot..
  13. Yep.. I second that.. He should be able to provide you with all the dimension you need for the hole etc..
  14. Yeah, I did that before.. Caused a heck of a buzz, much like a single coil in an unshielded cavity.. That may be something you could try 'cause it sounds a lot like what you've got.. However, the Green to ground and Black to live etc sounds pretty much correct which is rather puzzling.. Still, it's a possible course of action.. As for checking with a multimeter, it'll generally only tell you whether there's a short circuit or a break somewhere in your wiring.. You could double-check the grounding wire to the bridge and see if you circuit is properly grounded to the guitar's bridge.. Hop
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