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  1. I opened up my driver again, and I found a couple of things that made the driver not work propperly. First of all, the magnet is 7mm wide, wich I think is a little to much. I'll be splitting it into two 3.5mm for my next try. Second, the wire of the coil was not wound tight enought, and there was lots of air in there. Guess I have to tighten things up on my next build. Third, the woodglue used for potting had not dried, but it had shrunk. I therefore wander if you guys can recomend me something for the potting-part. Would epoxy be good? Should the potting dry up completly? Anyway,
  2. Well, I'm back again with a new driver, and this time it works. I just made a driver from two stacked magnets fro one of those magnetical knife-holders, and it does sustain. The magnet is about 5mm wide and 5 mm high, made out of some kind of soft material, and I'm using 30awg wire. However I get a lot of feedback and squeeling when I move it to close to the neck pu. I also get a weird ticking sound, and I can actualy feel the driver vibrate when the ticking arrives. The driver also gets burning hot. I suspect a lot of this problems are due to me hooking the driver to the speaker ou
  3. I'we been following this post for as long as I remember, and decided yeasterday was the time to start building a sustainer. I constructed the driver like this: The bobins are cut out of black plastick. I taped six neodym magnets with a diameter of 1 cm each to the bobbin with double-sided tape. All magnets have the polarity on the same side. I the n taped the top-bobbin to the top of the magnets with the same type of tape. I then winded the coil with 150 rounds of 30 AWG wire, resulting in a resistance of 6.4 OHM. The whole thing is potted with wood-glue. Ended up with a tiny driver,
  4. My band :Lgyrophobia We are recording our debut now, and it will be out for sale in october. I would also like to promote my friends in Absolute Steel Everyone who likes good metal with GREAT guitars should at least check out their media section. This is what shreading isall about.
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