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  1. You can use a picture of a guitar to get all your mesurements if you know what scale it is full size. For example a PRS scale is 25 inches so if you get a pic of a PRS and measure the length from the nut to bridge and then divide 25 by that number then every measurement on the picture will be that many times bigger. Obviously you would want to get a pic of a bass not electric. Also remember that bass necks are alot longer than electric necks Jon
  2. I did my first de fret on my bass last week and i found the best solution to get rid of chips was to sand the fret board down, granted i thought my neck was too thick and it had some crappy finish on it so i wanted to sand it down anyway and ended up planing and scraping and everything else but it definately gets rid of those chips Jon
  3. isn;t it legal as long as your aren't selling it? 0_o Surely if you're buying it from someone then it must be illegal?!?
  4. Ok i know i sound like a complete newb but what do these do? Are they a tuning aid or do they electronically alter the pitch of you guitar?!?!?
  5. Yes you could but to get wood cheaper you need to buy bigger and then you need the tools to prepare it (bandsaw etc).
  6. Hi guys, i've read some of the pages (have to admit not all 20 but i'm at work so can't surf for too long!) So i don't know al the suggestions that have been made but i will make this one and you can correct me if you've thought of it. Why doesn't someone set up an auction for the same stuff eg plans and things selling them with any reserve. Then plaster all over the auction this guys name - betterbytes etc and his auctions and the fact that it's the same stuff but he's selling it and you're giving it away?!?! oh and don't forget projectguitar.com and the other sites he's ripping off. I
  7. Ok so i found a couple of guitars on one of the custom finish links and they has les paul style bridges and then the strings went through the body a few inches away. They holes were positioned in an arch: http://www.gmwguitars.com/empire/empire16.html now does anyone recon they know if this arch is purely aesthetic or is it to do with intonation, string placement etc?!?!?!
  8. Does anyone know where you can get it in the UK
  9. If you're in the UK then try Luthierssupplies.co.uk or touchstonetonewoods.co.uk not sure where you can go if you're in US so sorry if you are
  10. I think we need a name and shame for suppliers, not that i know of any bad suppliers, i spose we just need a place to promote the good guys
  11. ps the reason for the delay with my clarification is that im in the UK so i had to wait till i woke up to read all your comments.
  12. Hi cheers for your replies, sorry if i was unclear. I need to know about the angle of the neck compared to the body. I know that strats headstock is not angled and that gibsons/prs do but its the neck/body angle i need info on. I think some of you covered it but just to clarify myself cheers so far.
  13. Hi i know that you have to angle the headstock back or use string trees but is there a specific angle for the neck to be related to the body. I've looked at my bro's strat and can't see much of an angle if any but really i need to know about PRS/Les Paul guitars and i don't have one going spare. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi guys, not sure if this is the correct place but i thought i'd just tell all you south UK based peeps about TIMBERLINE. I went there this weekend to get wood for my first project and thought they deserved a mention. Basically the guy know what he's on about and the place is packed with prepeared wood, unprepared wood, veneers of every type, acoustic guitar bits (sides,backs,fronts, sound bourds, seperate or in packs) pre cut fretboards, everything! I went with my dad who is a woodworker and we got 10ft of 2in by 8in mahogany and 10ft of 1in by 15-20in flamed maple - pics to follow. Bas
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