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  1. How is that router working out for you? I was looking at picking that up in a week or two because I like the idea of the router matched to the table and I will still be able to have my other one for freehand stuff.
  2. Thanks! You answered my question perfectly!
  3. I made this recently. It cost me $17 at Lowes because the handle was almost 5 bucks. I had to play with the washers, too, but over all it is very cool.
  4. Setch, do you have to do any smooth planing before glueing up your boards? I want to give this a shot.
  5. I voted for Marcovis. The carve and the blue stain just popped for me - I don't even like qiult! But it works. Hooglebug's is amazing and I hate that I only get one vote!
  6. Welcome aboard. Lucky you, I lost my mind after only twenty years of playing. And you want to talk about slow going? I'm on my first build, see how long I've been registered here?
  7. Second Prostheta's post. A good steel ruler made everything so much easier to plan out for me (I'm building my first finally) and Mr. Hiscock's book was like a candle in the dark. Then read as many of the posts here as you can, reread the book, then read the forum again - seems like it takes a while but things get easier to understand the more you read them.
  8. Do you mean real Iron Maiden/Black Sabbath metal? or Poison hair metal? or the growling/screamo nu metal? Either way it's gotta have a Floyd. Anyway, since it is so much like the Ibanez RG I think you have to ask yourself why you want to build this guitar.
  9. Yeah i was the only one that followed through with it And that was one of the coolest projects I've seen come to life on this board. Kudos, dude.
  10. Had to go with johnsilver on this one, but Godin SD was SOOOOO good it hurt to have to choose.
  11. Very nice. Which bridge is that?
  12. Heck, I still buy the occasional Lego and I'm 37...
  13. That's hilarious. I placed an order from WoodworkersSource.net and received a similar email yesterday. I'll paste it here for your viewing pleasure: Good news, Charles! Our highly trained and skilled team of 50 employees has - with great care and attention - selected, packaged and shipped your order 21621 on this beautiful day, 2/6/2007. We had a lively celebration afterwards and the whole party marched down the street where the entire city of Phoenix came out, waved 'Bon Voyage!' to your package, and patted the UPS driver on the back. Local TV stations sent in cameras and re
  14. Wats


    I really want to try the 7300. I wonder how it stacks up to the original.
  15. No snow here. Has been into the low 30s, though. Gotta love the high desert.
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