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  1. I made this recently. It cost me $17 at Lowes because the handle was almost 5 bucks. I had to play with the washers, too, but over all it is very cool.
  2. I voted for Marcovis. The carve and the blue stain just popped for me - I don't even like qiult! But it works. Hooglebug's is amazing and I hate that I only get one vote!
  3. Had to go with johnsilver on this one, but Godin SD was SOOOOO good it hurt to have to choose.
  4. I voted for pukko. Great work. Hard to believe it's a first build. Also hard to believe WezV has no votes. Awesome gits all around.
  5. Darn! I wanted to see how the vote was going so I hit null vote and now it won't let me vote. Oh well, looks like it would have hardly made a difference since I was going to vote for toddler. What a beauty! Rashin and THIRSTYGUMS blew me away. Two very impressive instruments, indeed! Everyone who entered should be proud. They all look to be built by master luthiers.
  6. I am eagerly awaiting this! A tutorial would be very generous of you, indeed.
  7. Do you mean sending me a pm?? cause I havent got one from you. No, I meant jay5's original post. But I'll pm you, if that's alright.
  8. You read my mind. I've been doing the same thing.
  9. It didn't sell? If I only had the money - would have made a beautiful top for my Flying V project.
  10. What are the dimensions on those veneers?
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