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  1. I had fun shaping with a grinder and flap-sanding disk recently. However, I have never seen at my local stores a flap sanding disk that has sufficiently fine grit. I was motoring through the wood and getting some burn while I was at it. Worse yet, no matter how smooth I tried to be, I was leaving some noticeable ... "lines" rather than a perfectly smooth transition. Fun, yes, but not for the faint of heart at that grit level, and I ultimately ended up working on the "carve" by wrapping some sandpaper around a rigid ball; or sometimes using my fingers, and working at it that way. What
  2. Baseboards turn out to be pretty easy. While I sanded and smoothed the mitres in one room, my wife did the other... which room had the highest occurence of invisible mitres after the final coat of paint was applied? I'll let you guess. And I promise not to call you "sexist" when you guess correctly. But still, all in all it turned out pretty well for a first attempt. I mean, some mitres, spackle, and caulking isn't rocket surgery. Though, it was a real eye-opener that walls/rooms aren't as flat/square as you'd think. :o
  3. Do baseboards count? <groan> I'm in renovation mode. Plan to use some skills to build a bathroom vanity, though.
  4. Tonnes of choice... I had to go with the Stratobastard, though. Pretty sure Trem-Kings aren't fulcrum designs, btw, zyon! Not having ever installed or used one, I can't say for sure, though. Loved a bunch of the rest. Had a soft spot for Crusty!
  5. If it's on the cheap, you'll get great bang-for buck out of the KRK Rokit5. It's not your only option, but it's one of the ones that's always mentioned so I figured I'd be the one. It's what I have, but I also have no real basis of comparison. No idea if other monitors in the range are better or worse. I only A/B'd with a set of Yorkvilles, and the KRKs won out. Greg
  6. Yeah, it's red strats for me, too. <shudder>
  7. Obviously, "What do I need to do to paint this guitar white," followed by "and is it true that it'll eventually turn yellowish?" Personally, I'd leave it black. Black is more bad@$$.
  8. Lots of great stuff. For me, it was down to Sorbera Bros, WezV's, and Jyrki's. Not to take anything away from any of the other awesome entries (and all were awesome!), but those 3 did it for me.
  9. That's a simplified view that excludes a lot of factors. For example, is the art in how material is removed, or the fact that you've decided where material should be removed? Very few of us are unassisted by power anyhow, so what's the difference between building a template and running a router up against it, or programming a machine and saying, "yup, take the wood away from THERE." To me, the art is primarily in the design, from choice of wood to shape/profile, to electronics. You can't just tell a CNC machine "make a guitar". It's not like the human factor is eliminated. A guitar is
  10. Those are 2 questions that you will be able to answer for yourself as you delve into the literature that's available. Check as many online tutorials as you can find, and perhaps buy a book by one of the more well-known authors such as Melvyn Hiscock or Martin Koch. The first question is one that's fundamental and will be obvious to you once you learn more about guitar construction in general. The second one is a bit trickier and you'll discover that there are 2 main ways to do it (neither of which require you to glue bits on unless you've messed it up pretty badly and need to shim).
  11. Or you could do something similar to the way Atomic Amps does their thang... make a standard-sized "housing" and then you can substitute whichever effects unit you want. Could be Pod, V-Amp, Gt2, whatever.
  12. The MCU is pretty widely supported. You should research how easy to use it is in an Acid environment just to be sure, but I've never heard of anyone having any terrible things to say about the MCU.
  13. There's nothing special about bass components that would make it work on a bass but not a guitar. Just do it the same way, substituting components of the right "values" (pots, capacitors) where appropriate. Depending on your pickups, you might also have more than 2 wires coming from it, but that's just another shift of approach-- wire humbuckers in series (the normal method) and you're left with 2 conductors and a shield wire. Proceed as usual.
  14. There's no reason you can't do 2 vol 1 tone.
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