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  1. Baseboards turn out to be pretty easy. While I sanded and smoothed the mitres in one room, my wife did the other... which room had the highest occurence of invisible mitres after the final coat of paint was applied? I'll let you guess. And I promise not to call you "sexist" when you guess correctly. But still, all in all it turned out pretty well for a first attempt. I mean, some mitres, spackle, and caulking isn't rocket surgery. Though, it was a real eye-opener that walls/rooms aren't as flat/square as you'd think. :o
  2. Do baseboards count? <groan> I'm in renovation mode. Plan to use some skills to build a bathroom vanity, though.
  3. I have to admit, although $350 is perfectly fair (generous, even) for a custom piece, I don't see being able to buy one in the immediate future. Too many other bills coming up to justify it to my fiancee. If I were to get one, though, I'd be more into black also.
  4. If you're thinking about making a producting run, count me as an interested party, though of course I'd need a quote before committing.
  5. Tonnes of choice... I had to go with the Stratobastard, though. Pretty sure Trem-Kings aren't fulcrum designs, btw, zyon! Not having ever installed or used one, I can't say for sure, though. Loved a bunch of the rest. Had a soft spot for Crusty!
  6. Pickguard gets my vote. There's plenty of exposed wood that you don't have to worry about hiding it. The pickguard lends it a very special character, IMO.
  7. If it's on the cheap, you'll get great bang-for buck out of the KRK Rokit5. It's not your only option, but it's one of the ones that's always mentioned so I figured I'd be the one. It's what I have, but I also have no real basis of comparison. No idea if other monitors in the range are better or worse. I only A/B'd with a set of Yorkvilles, and the KRKs won out. Greg
  8. Really? I love the idea of Trem King and other trems that stay neutral, but I would think something like the detent would prevent the Trem King from doing much of a flutter.
  9. Awesome so far. The cutaways are a bit too 'sharp' for my tastes-- blunt off the points just a smidge and it would be 100% up my alley. Looking forward to seeing more!
  10. Yeah, it's red strats for me, too. <shudder>
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