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  1. You can also recess tune-o-matic bridges if you like that bridge style but don't want to angle the neck.
  2. Really enjoying this thread! I also finally realized what it is I enjoy about Limba so much... it's "natural" looking without looking rustic. Same principle applies for figured maple, spalted anything, and a few other woods. But certain woods just end up looking too much like a hunk of cabin for me to enjoy. Limba hits all the right spots. Keep it up! Looking forward to watching this thread.
  3. @Prostheta Things are great, thanks! It HAS been a long while. Hope things are good with you as well. Really enjoying popping in here to see threads like this one. So many talented people out there.
  4. Thanks, mang! Hope you had a good one. We did BBQ and pool with my parents, sister, her husband, and of course my whole little clan which includes my wife and 3 awesome kids. Couldn't ask for a much better father's day!
  5. Side note: some of my searching just brought me to Pinterest... which in turn revealed a whole new realm of weirdness and delight in the headless world. Ever hear of a Washburn Wonderbar? Also saw some sort of Floyd Rose-based monstrosity (for now, link here: http://ebay.to/2rSZFVu) ... there are a lot of really creative things out there.
  6. Thanks for the reply, guys! Will check out that source. I got a detail wrong (will update original post)-- the "licensed by KD patents" stamp actually appears on the knife-edge one as well, though I'm sure I've also seen it on the Steinberger-ISH ones. Here are some links even for some of the ones you know about, to hopefully clarify for other readers (here in a separate post in case I'm accidentally breaking any rules... also warning in advance to future readers that these links WILL expire some day...): Ugly not-quite Steinberger-ish one: http://bit.ly/2sQN7ek (this one has just "L
  7. So my current project ("nearing" completion which means a few more months at my current pace...) involves repurposing a Floyd Rose as a trem for a headless guitar. Anybody out there can tell you even before embarking on such a project that results will ALWAYS be sub-optimal if for no other reason than the lack of coarse tuners. But it was a fun project and I'm happy to be bringing it to completion. However, my interest in headless guitars is re-sparked and I've done some digging around. After my current experiment completes, I am considering firing up a "proper" headless project. Headless
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply, MJ! As chance would have it, I bought my finish earlier today-- decided to go with vinyl sealer and lacquer finish from spray bombs. But I'm still interested in trying out the poly some day.
  9. Gonna piggy-back on this thread for my own question. ;-) I understand the witness lines created by sanding through one layer into the underlying layer(s)-- but the comments about the "final spray" seem to indicate that they visually vanish with that final (non-sanded) coat. Is that the case? Like, if you sand through your layers of poly and get some crap-looking witness lines (but are working towards a smooth and level surface), does that final coat visually eradicate the lines?
  10. I had fun shaping with a grinder and flap-sanding disk recently. However, I have never seen at my local stores a flap sanding disk that has sufficiently fine grit. I was motoring through the wood and getting some burn while I was at it. Worse yet, no matter how smooth I tried to be, I was leaving some noticeable ... "lines" rather than a perfectly smooth transition. Fun, yes, but not for the faint of heart at that grit level, and I ultimately ended up working on the "carve" by wrapping some sandpaper around a rigid ball; or sometimes using my fingers, and working at it that way. What
  11. The local store (Richelieu) did not have the capacity to help on such a small scale; however, they redirected me to a local "decor" store, Bonds Decor, who carry the Mohawk line and also have their own line of products. Using their house primer, a Mohawk colour, and then a house clear, I should be able to do what I need to do! Thanks for sending me down the right path. I'll let you know how it goes after I hit Bonds and get around to the actual painting. ;-)
  12. Thanks, sdshirtman! Through their website, I found a local store that carries their product line. Will give them a call to see whassap.
  13. GregP


    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Is the unfinished body a blank, or in a particular style (tele, strat, etc)?
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