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  1. I'm not sure why my text isn't showing up for me, but I managed to finish it in time for Christmas! The kiddo loves it and jamming with Dad on his own guitar now. I'm particularly proud of my fretwork on this one, so much better.
  2. Well, I can't believe I actually forgot to post pictures of the finished guitar, but I did finish it in time for Christmas! The kiddo loves it and he loves trying to jam on it. I think it's a gift he'll have to grow into, but he loves having his own guitar to play with Dad.
  3. I drilled out the control cavity and recessed the mounting hardware on the surface of the guitar. I'm using a long-shaft pot for volume control so I'll still have a good half inch of material between the top and body of the pot. I've also shaped the back of the neck on my father in law's disc sander and drilled all the holes for mounting the rest of the hardware and input jack. I should finish sanding this week and will stain and finish the guitar next week. The only thing I messed up on was not tracing the neck shape onto a template before I went to shape the neck. I might want to make some more of these in the future and that would have sped things up to have a master template for the neck too. Oh well. I still have the fretboard template that has the overall taper.
  4. Welp, Christmas 2018 came and went and I didn't have the time to finish the project. But that's okay. My son is a year older and less likely to smash the thing to pieces now. We found out in January that my Dad has cancer and we've spent the last year focused on his health and getting through treatment, which has gone extremely well and his prognosis is good. My wife was also laid off that same month, so it's taken a bit longer to purchase the last round of parts. But I started working on the guitar again in September and we're back on track to have it finished by 12/25. Here are some progress pics: Here is the basic neck cutout and slotted fretboard against the body template: Here is the body and neck fit together. The router table took a big chunk of wood out of the body and I had to profile it with the spindle sander: Here is the slotted fretboard with dot inlays: Side inlays: Fretted neck using my fret caul in the drill press + CA glue: Here is the neck mounted on the body: Size comparison with my full-sized LP: And here is the progress on the body to this morning. Rounded off the edges and routed the pickup cavity:
  5. Fender uses 22-3/4 with 20 frets on the Mini Strat. I'm building an LP for my three-year-old with a 19 in. scale and 22 frets, but the nut width will still be standard LP with 1-11/16 string spread. It would be nice if there were more narrow-spaced bridge options for little guitars.
  6. I got the neck blank joined and the fretboard slotted to 19 in. and radiused to 12 in. over the weekend. Now I need to work on shaping the neck. My fret dots should be on the way from LMII, hopefully they'll arrive sometime this week.
  7. I have started on a new project I hope to have finished in time for Christmas. It's a toddler-sized LP Special for my son, who's three: Scale length - 19 in. Body and neck wood - African Mahoghany Fretboard - Sapele Bridge - Wraparound chrome Pickup - cheap zebra humbucker from eBay Truss rod - 12.5 inch dual action Tuners - black Grover copies left over from the bari project Finish - something fun. Maybe a blue or orange dye with a polyurethane clear coat for durability. Frets - Fender medium jumbo. I learned my lesson to buy pre-radiused frets. They cost the same. Body size - 8 x 11.5. The shape was actually based on an LP-shaped picture frame my wife gave me years ago. It was perfect for this. Below is my initial sketch and fretboard layout. I will probably adjust the body joint to the 16th fret instead of the 17th, and the bridge is definitely not where the line is on the drawing. Fretboard will probably only have 22 frets instead of the pictured 24. More progress pics to come soon.
  8. You know, sometimes Sears Parts has the best price, sometimes not. Good quality bearings should last a long time, and that's one thing I haven't had to replace yet. I know you need snap ring pliers to remove the wheels, but I don't know if the bearings are pressed in or not. If they are pressed, you'll either need a hydraulic press to remove and replace them, or just replace the whole wheel. Someone on youtube has probably done it before.
  9. You're welcome. I'm sure you'll get good service out of it. The little things on a bandsaw will annoy the crap out of you, but once they're set up they are usually great. One other tip--make sure to release the tension on the blade when you're not using it. It will help the blades last longer and save the wheel bearings. Mine does not have a quick release lever, so I have to manually twist the knob every time.
  10. It's basically a Rikon unit with an underpowered motor. I have the 10 inch version and I'm on my second motor and belt in ten years. The first motor failed on my first project cutting out a pine tele body and the first belt dry rotted last year. If the motor goes kaput, consider upgrading to a 1.5 or 1.75 hp unit that's on the Rikon version. Otherwise, the mechanicals are sound and the build quality seems good. My brother in law has a 17 inch Laguna and he can never seem to get it to run right, but my Craftsman tracks well and cuts straight. I even used it to cut a scarf joint on my new guitar.
  11. Thanks! The guitar is slightly unbalanced, but with the strap it isn't bad at all. I left a pretty good chunk of wood on the heel end to compensate for the longer scale and give a little more beef on the body. The body is about the size of an SG, but much thicker.
  12. It's something new. The sides of the neck have a good amount of curve, but I liked the feel of the flat back as I was shaping it, so I thought I'd just go with it. It's completely different to anything I have now and very thick with the 1/4 inch fretboard. My Kyser capo barely fits around the neck.
  13. Thanks! I was curious as well and I have plenty of standard guitars. It really does sound nice and boomy and I like the string tension on the longer scale. If I build another, I’ll probably scale up the body a little so it doesn’t feel so small.
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