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  1. Pandora suggested this awesome track for me http://youtu.be/Q8UWvh91Vb0
  2. Yeah, I was really annoyed by this stupid report that said that motorcycles were worse for the environment because they give off more high specific heat gasses per gallon of gas burned (which seems unlikely on a modern bike w/ O2 sensors & cat, but who knows, not to mention that H2S as used as example, which is more effected by the amount of sulfur in your gas than anything else unless you're bike's a fusion reactor). What a load, even if they do, motorcycle exhaust would have to have a specific heat at least 3x hotter than car just to make it even w/ the mpg difference, which seems incred
  3. I had to get my permit (taken the written test) to take the course that I took, I'm not sure if that's the course I took, or if those're the rules in CA
  4. I already did it. All I have to do is go back to the DMV on Thurs for my apt.
  5. So I did the course to get my motorcycle license.
  6. On a lighter note: 'tis the season. Well not really for me, but isn't giving the best gift of all? If I can fit it in the stocking, then it's a god damn stocking stuffer!
  7. I would suggest making a full size mock up out or cardboard (including the neck) or something else stiff, just so you can hold it up w/ a strap & sit down w/ it & see if those horns are going to be comfortable, or if they're going to be stabbing you. I know that was one of the problems w/ the B.C. Rich Seagulls. If you're making a mock up, going to make you choose the angle your neck sits at in relation to the body (essentially your body's centerline) & how for into the body your neck sits, which is going to determine your bridge & pickup position. If it were me, those
  8. I saw a place called "Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar," advertising that they do that. I think it can look good for a theme build like something that Pfiester or Dismal Ax would do, but I feel like just slapping a record on your guitar because you can is sort of tacky.
  9. Yeah I lived there until I was 18
  10. Have some Kenny Wayne Shepherd, because I feel like it. http://youtu.be/9GXpbWrxfEE I met him once in the guitar shop I worked in back in high school, back when no one knew who he was. He just walked in (he had a show in town), grabbed a guitar off the wall, sat down, plugged it in, & started playing. My old boss couldn't stop asking him how he was related to Johnny Winter.
  11. So, I'm moving back to SoCal, I don't know if I should be excited or mortified.
  12. I think I might have finally gotten used to the idea of that shelf.
  13. I'm passing through Sweden & visiting my cousins there for a couple days, it's not first time, but I could use some recommendations for guitar shops to check out (anywhere from Jarna to Stockholm) if anyone has them, or other assorted stuff that I should see. It's my 3rd time there, so I've already seen a lot of the touristy junk.
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