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  1. Hello Madhattr88,

    I just stumbled over your amazing "The Royal" Build. I love the Inlay, the overall shape and how you Spade complete the shape in the fretboard. I'd really like to watch all the steps in your old building thread, BUT all the pictures are gone-.-.

    Could you please reupload those pictures? I don't know where you uploaded them the last time, maybe try something lasting like Flickr.

    I'll check out your more recent builds, but I'd still like to follow "The Royal" build through all the stages.


    Mountain Goat

    Bavaria, Germany

  2. This is excellent advice. Thank u for sharing. My next build, I will do exactly what u do. After reading your post, it looks like I need to start using different truss rods. I've been using the 2-way hot rod from stew Mac (the red wrapped one). Maybe thats my problem. Can u post a link to the ones u use? Thanks again!!!
  3. i made the neck-string tension jig. Trust me, i am cheap, i would never spend $300+ on that Dan Erlewine thing. so what u are telling me is, your fingerboard and frets are perfectly straight when it is "stringless" and the truss rod is in the neutral position? the neck will be concave when strung up....do u use the rod to straighten it back??? how do u add relief at the 8th fret area? i've done this method before, and did not like the results.... it created a "hump" at the 14th-16th frets. could never get low action after that.
  4. Anyone find sanding some fall off into the FB helpful? If yes, how much and from what fret? I've been doing this using a string tension jig, but the more I think about it, I may be doing more harm then good. The board is going to have a back bow after the frets are hammered in. (Just the way it goes). So sanding just the fretless neck and board under simulated string tension may be overkill. Just wondering how you guys do it? Fret board leveling, fret leveling, rid adjustments, etc. Thanks!!!
  5. I was playing cards one particular evening and was staring at the intricate designs of the face cards. (light bulb appears above my head .... DING) What a cool idea for guitar inlay. 14 months later.... Name - "The Royal" Body - Book matched mahogany Tops - Figured maple and rosewood Neck - Mahogany Fingerboard - Ebony Inlays - Solid shell pearl, Maple, Colored acrylics Bridge - TonePros PUP - Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P-90 Body Finish - Nitro Neck Finish - Tru-oil Here's the build thread http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/46949-king-of-diamonds-jack-of-spades-queen-of-hearts/
  6. So my follow up question for you guys is... For new builds, not repair work.... Do u sand the Fretboard flat before installing frets? Sand with a drop? Sand under tension? Or just level the frets and leave the fretboard alone. Maybe I am doing too much prep work to the fretboard.
  7. Here at Martin we used weights to simulate string tension, by supporting the lower part of the body and under the nut. I've been doing something like this, only cause i think dan erlewine's stew-mac jig is total overkill and way to pricey. I finish my necks and bodies separate, so after i have the neck / fb together (before fretting), I place a temporary pre slotted nut on the neck and attach the neck to a "dummy" body with 4 screws. The body has a wraparound bridge on it already. I then tune it to pitch and adjust the rod to make it as straight as possible under string tension.
  8. That's the hard part. Building is easy, selling is not. LOL I've sold a couple on eBay, but i really need a dealer. Any suggestions? I wish I had a good answer for that question. I can say I don't think eBay is the best venue to maximize revenue you deserve for the time and work you've put into this build. Somewhere theres someone out there who would be willing to pay some big $$$ for this though. Carl just started a few business sections that would be good for that question. Yeah, i've been reading some of the posts in the business section. Maybe i'll start a new thread wher
  9. That's the hard part. Building is easy, selling is not. LOL I've sold a couple on eBay, but i really need a dealer. Any suggestions?
  10. your eyes start to play tricks on you. i swear the queen winked at me. LOL!!!!
  11. Its been 14 months, but its finished!!!! Even had some professional photos taken.
  12. i wish u the best of luck. I am in the same situation, I love designing and building guitars. I hate promoting myself. Crazy hot eh? Got a picture? :-)
  13. the starting pin is a must.....i learned that the hard way years ago. high velocity mahogany can do some serious damage!!!! LOL
  14. So one more question about poly... Would it be better to use a preval sprayer or use the wipe on poly???
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