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  1. Why not just hard mount the pickups? (unless you want the look of the pickguard)
  2. looks a little like the Carvin carved top headstock
  3. You can get the 1/2" bushings here... http://www.guitarpartscentral.com/neck-joint-ferrules.html
  4. I'll take a stab... 3. Balsa? 5. Jatoba? Kingwood?
  5. +1 I did one of their PRS type kits and it was not very good. loose neck joint, awful fretting, etc.
  6. Yes, use dark brown, or black, and sand back. Then dye with amber, yellow or whatever color you like. I suggest you work on a test peice to get the color you want before applying dye to the guitar. Now, you can dye the burst but its easier to seal in the stain with ss or clear and then spray the burst over that. This way, if you mess it up, you can sand it off without ruining the dye underneath.
  7. Romen does not build these...he has people with talent that do it for him. neither does Leo Fender, Paul Reed Smith or Les Paul....
  8. I wasn't going to rant about it but... since you asked and you are a mod, here goes.... Obviously, it has a flame maple cap. The guy I bought it from said the back was ash but it looks like alder to me. The neck is solid macassar ebony, which is fantastic. (I have since started to retrofit my other guitars with it) It has Duncan black back pickups, Sperzel tuners, Tone Pros bridge and tailpeice and push/pull pots. It gets a full range of sounds from a tele to a les paul and everything in between. I now have three of these and have unloaded my Custom 24 and Modern Eagle... which don't even c
  9. A hand plane is good, a jointer can do the job, a flat sanding block. Out of curiosity, why 1/8"? Are you going for a look on the side of the headstock? If not, you could use a thinner veneer, and have to remove less material(easier to thin a veneer than a headstock). Good luck, Rich Yeah, I usually just use veneer but the idea is to bevel the edges of the headstock without cutting into the maple.
  10. I want to install an ebony headstock overlay that is 1/8" thick. What is the best way to remove 1/8" from the front of the headstock?
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